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  1. TheEnthusiast

    LPC/ACPI sensors?

    Does anyone here have fan speed measurement with FakeSMC's hardware sensor? If yes, how?
  2. TheEnthusiast

    AppleHDA IDT92HD87B1/3

    I tried to patch my AppleHDA.kext and finally managed to get sound, but no internal mic. Anyone else with the same codec who got it to work? Finally fixed it as well as the well-known issue with the mic. Try the attached kext.
  3. TheEnthusiast

    Bluetooth on Hackintosh

    Can anyone guide me on how to get bluetooth working on my Inspiron n5050. The wifi hardware is AR9285, as listed in system profiler. I used the ioath3kfrmwr.kext from someone with similar hardware but it doesn't work correctly; no connections work, and I can't turn it on/off or change any settings.
  4. TheEnthusiast

    Laptop brightness increases after sleep

    I have a Dell Inspiron n5050 and I applied the PNLF DSDT patch and my laptop brightness works fine; I can control brightness via the system preferences and I can use my functions keys. However, I have a few minor problems. After reboots the brightness goes to back to maximum, or what appears to...