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  1. LuizMeliga

    8700K Opencore Help!

    Hello. I migrated from Clover to Opencore. At first it's ok, but every time I boot, a log .txt file appears in the Clover root folder. Does anyone know if it's a problem? And how do you disable it?
  2. LuizMeliga

    Archer T9E | AC1900 PCI very slow

    Hello, I have an Archer T9E | AC1900 PCI and always worked perfectly. Lately he has been very slow. The "Tx rate" stands at 13 mbps on a 5GHZ connection that always worked close to 1300 Mbps. My system is 10.13.6. Do I need some kext? It was never accurate. Thank you.
  3. LuizMeliga

    (Success) i7-8700k / Z370 AORUS Ultra Gaming / ZOTAC GeForce® GTX 1080 Mini 8GB

    Following the installation of the link: and using an attached EFI folder (i deleted the SMBIOS information), I was able to leave running 100%. Video card, audio and all USB 3.0s running well...