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  1. Vendicatore

    Shutdown works, reboot freezes on black screen

    Hi everyone, I recently installed on a dedicated disk Mojave 10.14.5 on my rig (6700k, Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 5, HD530 + disable 980Ti). I managed to let it work almost completely: HD530 works (HDMI only at the moment), audio works with ALChda, all usb port works (integrated + orico card)...
  2. Vendicatore

    HD530 + Nvidia card to support both Mojave and Windows. Anyone?

    Hello guys, it's a couple of weeks that I'm struggling to let my internal HD530 to works correctly alongside my nVidia card. The actual situation My build is based on a Skylake 6700k, on a Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming 5, a Zotac 980Ti AMP extreme, 3 different SSD with High Sierra, Mojave...
  3. Vendicatore

    Is i7 980x Mojave compatible?

    Hello everyone, I would like to upgrade one of my build to Mojave. This build is based on EX-58UD5 and an i7 980x. I currently have a gtx 480 on that build, but I'll swap to RX560 (or RX570) to be Mojave compliant. Any one with gulftown processor already upgraded?
  4. Vendicatore

    High Sierra: Reboot instead of shutdown

    I successfully installed High Sierra 10.13 (with security update) on a second NVME of my system (Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 5, i7 6700K, 980Ti). After some trouble with Nvidia driver (solved following the post of FGRX9), now its fully working. The only issue I have is related to shutdown: if I do it...
  5. Vendicatore

    [Success] Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 5 + 6700K + 980Ti

    Hi, I was partially successful in installing Sierra on my new rig: Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 5, i7 6700K and 980Ti. I used the unibeast method: at the beginning the system stuck at Apple progress bar, but after BIOS Update to F5 I was able to get into the installer and install it. The problems...
  6. Vendicatore

    Dualbooting Sierra on sata, Windows 10 on nvme: is that possible?

    Hi, I just refreshed my rig, so I need to install al the os on the brand new system. The new system is based on 6700K, and Gigabyte 170X Gaming 5 board (I had to be sure it's fully supported, OSX is my main os). I'd like to use my new nvme (256gb Samsung 950 pro) for Windows, and the "old"...
  7. Vendicatore

    Boot issue on dual GTX770 (SLI) with Yosemite

    Hello everyone, I'm getting a very strange issue after I switched from Maveriks to Yosemite. After the first part of the boot, screens go black: the system is up and running (keyboard shortcut for dvd is still working). Sometime the system boot normal (with both displays working). When...
  8. Vendicatore

    Slow OpenGL performance with 480 GTX

    Hi to all, I just switced from a 285 GTX to a 480 GTX in my Hackintosh (i7 920, Ga-EX58-UD5, 12 gb DDR, SL 10.6.7). I installed Chimera bootloader and tonymac nvidia drivers, and the graphics in up and running with GraphicsEnabler=Yes . The real problem are the opengl perfomance, that are...