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  1. Freeheel08

    [Success 10.15.3] ASUS ROG STRIX Z270G + CATALINA + EFI FILES

    I´ve just updated to your last EFI and it starts now. I had something strange on the clover that suddenly started to work. I had some issues with sleep although I have the RX590 running. I´ll check if that is resolved now.
  2. Freeheel08

    [Success 10.15.3] ASUS ROG STRIX Z270G + CATALINA + EFI FILES

    Nice, I have the same setup including a RX590. I was hoping to just copy and past the EFI, but I´m always getting the stop sign during the initial boot. I´ve created the USB with the createinstaller tool on my mac, and copied the efi folder. What bios version are you using? Maybe the lastest...
  3. Freeheel08

    GTX 1060: No acceleration with Nvidia drivers

    hi, have you updated to High Sierra latest version and latest Nvidia driver already. I have the same card and similar setup and I´m not getting a great performance. Seems like there are issues with the latest driver from Nvidia. Anything special you have done other than the standard flags and...
  4. Freeheel08

    [Success] High Sierra-Asus Z270G Strix-i7 7700-Asus GTX 1060

    Hi, I have a very similar setup just a Zotac 1060 instead of a Gigabyte. I managed to get everything running but my graphic performance is very week. I've installed the latest Nvidia Web Driver. When I go to About my Mac the GPU is shown correctly including the 6GB RAM. Chrome is slow...