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  1. ebr4him

    Huge delay in audio

    Hi, I installed Patched ALC889 with my DSDT for Z68XP UD3R and the sound is working okay, but there is a huge delay about 2-3 seconds everytime I pause and resume, which is really annoying. Is this a known issue? any fixes?
  2. ebr4him

    ALC889 Sound Assertion Errors

    Hi, I'm using drivers from MultiBeast for ALC889 and they work okay (the notification sounds are usually delayed by a second or so), but its spamming my console with: kernel[0]: Sound assertion in AppleHDAController at line 8088 ...couple of times every minute! Are there better...
  3. ebr4him

    P-State Error

    Hi, My ML is working great but I'm really bothered by just two errors, and this is one of them: 28/07/12 3:04:03.000 AM kernel[0]: P-State Stepper Error 18 at step 2 in context 2 on CPU 0 28/07/12 3:04:03.000 AM kernel[0]: P-State Stepper Error 18 at step 2 in context 2 on CPU 1 28/07/12...
  4. ebr4him

    HD 6850

    Hi, Although Sapphire HD 6850 works OOB, but the apps (Geekbench, DVD Player) crash! I understand it might've been asked and answered before but I have now spent days on this and other forums searching for a working solution, but no luck still. I'd really appreciate if someone with the same...
  5. ebr4him

    HD 5670 Issues

    Hi, My Asus HD 5670 works OOB but not without a few annoying issues: It is recognized as HD 5000, shouldn't it be recognized as 5600?[/*:m:38yt1f6t] Apps (Geekbench, DVD player etc..) crash![/*:m:38yt1f6t] Default Framebuffer, shouldn't it be vevret?[/*:m:38yt1f6t] I've not spent several...
  6. ebr4him

    Hardcoding ATI card

    Hi, Lion works for me right now, but the geekbench score is quite low so I'm looking to hardcode my card into DSDT for better performance. This is my system: - Gigabyte GA Z68X-UD3R-B3 - Core i7 2600K - Asus HD 5670 1GB DDR3 I'd really appreciate any help. Thanks!
  7. ebr4him

    My card is not recognized correctly

    Hi, My graphics card Asus HD 5670 1GB is recognized as "ATI Radeon HD 5000". Anything I should do to make it read the correct details? Many thanks!
  8. ebr4him

    Lion and Windows installed, but either won't boot

    Hi, I have installed Lion and Windows 7 successfully on two partitions of the same drive -- Lion first, then Windows -- but neither of these OS boots without the Lion/ChameleonRC5 USB drive. Once I use the drive and get the boot options, both Windows and Lion boot fine. What should I do to...