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  1. KevinAgnes

    Adding a Firewire to a mini-itx with a gpu in the single pcie slot. Will this work?

    Hey guys, I'm in love with my mini-itx but I have to say I wish it had at least another pcie slot. Moving on... My problem: I need to use my oldschool audio interface Focusrite LS56 that uses FireWire. :banghead: My system: H370N-Wifi; i7 8700; 16GB; RX580 I have already implemented...
  2. KevinAgnes

    AMD RX 580 - Any brand is fine?

    My hardware is pretty ok now. The next step is a new GPU. I mainly use my machine for video and audio post production. I want less complication in a stable High Sierra installation without too many patches and fixes, I heard that Rx 580 is great for that matter. I have already a `native´ GPU...
  3. KevinAgnes

    No more Broadcom WiFi/Bluetooth support for new GB H370N-WIFI/B360N-WIFI

    This new Mobos are coming with a CNVi_WIFI slot. It´s different from the M2_WIFI slot! I think the only solution for wifi/bluetooth on this board is via PCI-E (the sad news is that it only has one). Has anyone found a solution for this one?
  4. KevinAgnes

    Compatibility for a desktop built

    Hi, I'm new here. Can I install the OS with these components? Gigabyte X58A-UD3R CPU i7-980 RAM 24GB DDR3 1333Mhz VIDEO GTX 560 HD Boot 256GB SSD HD 1TB Storage WIRELESS PCI D-Link DWA-547or I have to change something? Thanks, Kevin Agnes