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  1. haiyangfoo

    Yosemite boot flags for my laptop

    Hi all, this are the specs of my vaio vpceg18fg Core i5-2410m 8gb ddr3 ram Nvidia 410m 512mb ddr3 Hdd 500gb What are the boot flags that i have to enter to get into the setup, can somebody help? Thanks
  2. haiyangfoo

    iWork 2013

    Hi guys, I just successfully installed yosemite. Would like to give a shoutout to the guys and tonymacx86 forum that helped me in making this happen. However i came across a post by redmond pie that you can get iwork for free by downloading the trial and update from the app store. Does it...
  3. haiyangfoo

    Yosemite boot flags

    Hello Everyone, This is the specs of my computer -i7-4790 -Gigabyte h97n-wifi mini itx board -8gb ram -MSI Geforce GTX 750ti -2tb HDD I have created a flash drive for yosemite, but the screen stucks at the apple logo and the bar reaches 1/4 and stops. What are the boot flags do I need to enter?