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  1. DonutHands

    [Solved] Chrome causing crash/reboot.

    Anything change in the latest version of chrome that is causing crashing for others? No hardware changes or updates were run. I can only assume Chrome auto updated and is now crashing. Ive tried downloading latest Chrome from the web and deleting preferences and application support entries...
  2. DonutHands

    Trying to update to High Sierra, missing firmware partition.

    Running 10.12.6, trying to update to High Sierra 10.3.4 Download and run installer from app store. Boot disk is greyed out and when hovering over I get the message "You may not install to this volume because it is missing a firmware partition." Not sure what to do here. Only troubleshooting I...
  3. DonutHands

    Help with Etron EJ168 USB 3.0 in Sierra...

    I dont think it was ever working on older OS either. Although the USB 3.0 ports are on the back of the tower so always used the front USB 2.0 ports. I would really like to get them working now if possible. Motherboard: GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 USB Chipset: Etron EJ168 Anyone point me in the right...
  4. DonutHands

    Just updated by BIOS to UEFI from Award, wont boot. Help.

    Still using Chimera based Multibeast on OS X 10.10.5. Wanted to update to 10.11.5 and of switch to Clover based Multibeast. Step 1 was to update to UEFI... I loaded default values and set to ACHI. Thats all ive done so far. When i boot it says to inset boot media and press key to continue...
  5. DonutHands

    Multibeast 8.0 El Capitan update. Tips for upgrading from an existing 10.10.4 MB 7.5 install?

    Is it as easy as upgrading to 10.11.1, boot using UniBeast 6.1.1, run Multibeast 8.0? Issues updating rather than clean installing? Current hardware in sig.
  6. DonutHands

    So anybody see the point in a customac mini vs a real mac mini?

    If just being used as a HTPC. Just priced it out and there is no real cost savings if trying to match the specs of the entry level mac mini brand new from apple. With the hackintosh you get extra headache of setup with less features out of the box. It looks like apple has really brought...
  7. DonutHands

    GA-H87N-WIFI still the recommended MOBO for custo mac mini?

    I see that it is discontinued. Is it still worth hunting down one or is there a better option these days?
  8. DonutHands

    Anyone working on a fix for no audio after sleep?

    Can roll back audio drivers to earlier MB version for the time being.
  9. DonutHands

    Loss of network connection = must restart

    Is there any way around this? Just to clarify, if there is an interruption of service from my internet provider or network equipment is power cycled or network cable is disconnected and re connected my computer must be restarted to pickup an IP address. Is there a way around this issue?
  10. DonutHands

    Sleep broken after 10.9 update.

    Update went smoothly. Pretty standard DSDT install. Hibernate Mode is set to Desktop. When computer is put to sleep the monitor turns off but rest of computer stays on when it should be sleeping as well. If i wake within a few min the monitor comes back on. If i leave it for a few hours i...
  11. DonutHands

    Cant boot 10.9 unibeast installer.

    Screen goes grey then reboots. GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 Nvidia 660 AFAIK im running a pretty compatible system.
  12. DonutHands

    Could really use some MSRDumper help

    Could really use some Speedstep help Figured out the MSRDumper part, please read second post.
  13. DonutHands

    maybe im completely missing it, but...

    is there a way to sort the home page by date posted? i miss new news stories because there is always old stuff near the top of the page. im guessing its being sorted by popularity by default or something like that.
  14. DonutHands

    Multibeast settings for Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 ???

    My hack is working pretty well but i am going to be updating to the newest Multibeast and am not really sure what i should be checking off to get the best out of the mother board. I want to make sure i have the right things for the following. Audio Ethernet Speedstep USB 3.0 SATA (including...
  15. DonutHands

    rBoot and iBoot can you use them from a thumb drive?

    Not a fan of using CDs these days and i am about to make a unibeast drive. Can i just make a couple other partitions on the thumb drive and put the rboot and iboot images on them?
  16. DonutHands

    MacBook Pro iSight camera, anyone solder on a USB plug?

    So i have access to a few of these and am looking to use them as web cams for my hack. I have no idea what the pin outs are on these things, do any of you guys know?
  17. DonutHands

    Installed Chimera 1.5.4 I can no longer boot.

    Any one have any suggestions? Running 10.7.0 and installed new chimera. Restart and now the computer does not boot. I get to the chimera boot loader, the count down runs it course and screen goes blank for 5 seconds and then it reboots the whole computer. This loop happens over and over. -x -s...
  18. DonutHands

    Custom theme for chimera

    so i installed a new theme for chimera and when booting the line of text that says something like 'press any key to select a different boot drive' is overlapping the drive icon. Is there a way to remove this line of text when the count down is occurring?
  19. DonutHands

    Sleep issues w/ Gigabyte

    So i assumed that because i was using a gigabyte MB with a DSDT file from this site i would not have sleep issues. Should have done my research as this is not the case. I did have to enable 'quickboot' from the bios to enable sleep. otherwise the machine would not wake back up and it would lose...
  20. DonutHands

    GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 What did you use to get it working?

    Multibeast using DSDT from database for GA-Z68A-D3H-B3 motherboard. I am unsure of what i should be installing to get this MB fully functioning. Ive found the ethernet driver, but no idea what i should be using for audio (ive tried a few things but keep getting KP) or if i should be installing...