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  1. Critycal

    [Success] Z97 Deluxe El Capitan Install 10.11

    Z97 Deluxe El Capitan Install (Latest Bios) System Specs Asus Z97 Deluxe Intel i7-4790K Corsair Dominator 16GB 2133 Corsair 120GB SSD GTX980Ti Atec 1200 PSU This is how I succeeded 1. I created my El Capitan USB installer using tonymacx86’s guide...
  2. Critycal

    [Solved] nvda_drv=1 needed for gtx 9xx Help!

    i have a clean install of el capitan running good,the only thing i need is nvda_drv=1. i already install latest nvidia graphics but i still need nvda_drv=1 at boot. is there any way it can be added and not have to type it every time?. I'm using clover boot loader
  3. Critycal

    10.8.1 killed sleep

    my system was running perfect with 10.8, updated to 10.8.1 and sleep stop working, any idea of what can cause this? i have found the problem, it was my corsair ssd force gt 120g that would not sleep, i changed it with a kinston ssd 120g and everything works perfect sleep and auto sleep...
  4. Critycal

    Eject Button don't work

    i have successfully install ml on asus rampage 3 extreme and my only problem is that my usb apple keyboard eject button won't open the dvd drive, it worked fine in lion. any help will be appreciated.
  5. Critycal

    asus rampage III extreme help!!!

    i been trying to install lion 10.7.4 on a rampage 3 extreme for days now with no success. any help will be appreciated :banghead: if anyone can help on install methods and bios setup system specs mobo = rampage III extreme hdd = regular 2.5 hitachi drive for install...
  6. Critycal

    install success but sleep does not work

    i manage to do a clean install of lion on ga-ep45-ud3p 160gb hd gts250 1gig e6850 @3.0gig 4gigs of memory broadcom wireless card to pci-e adapter :D sleep don't work any help will be appreciated. :banghead: