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  1. HackintoshMan

    GTX 970 no longer recognized

    I had a working Yosemite installation with my GTX 970, and then I decided to switch to clover. I removed the card for the installation and installed Yosemite again. I realized that I just wanted a working build and not something that I had to mess with right now, so I re-installed Yosemite with...
  2. HackintoshMan

    Yosemite can't find System/Library/Kernels/kernel error

    Hello, I have searched around and I have not found a solution to this issue. When I boot up my Yosemite partition I get a can't find System/Library/Kernels/kernel error. If I boot the installer, sometimes it will go to the installer and sometimes it will boot into my Yosemite Partition. Im not...
  3. HackintoshMan

    Interesting video about thermal compound spreading

    I found this very clever video a while back and I though it might be useful here...
  4. HackintoshMan

    Will this be adequate?

    I am going to be doing a major overhaul on my mackintosh when the new Nvidia GPU's are released as well as when the new processors are released. With that being said, I would like to do a custom water-cooling loop for both the processor and GPU. I will be choosing the i7 and I would like to over...
  5. HackintoshMan

    Mac Pro Rear IO Mod Idea

    I have been looking for a good rear IO mod for a Mac Pro. While I was searching i found this: I am thinking about doing this but with a Mac Pro. Has anyone ever tried this before?
  6. HackintoshMan

    It's Time!

    I am a Web Designer when I'm not a student and its time to upgrade my monitor. I can't switch between web pages quickly to see the changes and it is messing up my workflow. I have a Dell 1901FP which has a maximum resolution of 1280x1024. The screen size is 19" and it was probably good when it...
  7. HackintoshMan

    Gigabyte GTX 780 and Corsair 750HX

    I am thinking about getting a Gigabyte GTX 780 for by build but I don't think that my Corsair CX500 power supply will be able to power it. Will this be enough power? I also want to know if the 780 is good for gaming, graphic designing, and video editing/rendering. I know that it will be better...
  8. HackintoshMan

    Gtx 780?

    Hey guys/gals its been a while since I have been on here. Since Christmas is coming up I need some help:D I am into Graphic Design and Gaming and I will start to use Adobe After Affects. Does you think that the GTX 780 will work under these conditions? With 3 GB's of ram I think that the games...
  9. HackintoshMan

    iPad Air?

    What do you guys think about the new iPad? I really like it. Im not sure if the name will confuse people though. Its like partially changing there name of the Mac Pro to something like Mac Semi-Pro. I really liked the commercial with the pencil...
  10. HackintoshMan

    [GUIDE] How to get iWork for free on older Macs

    You may want the new iWork suite but you don't want to pay for all of the updates. Well, if you have an older version of iWork such as iWork'09 then all you have to do is install them and the App Store will have a free update waiting for you.
  11. HackintoshMan

    Apple Confirms October 22nd Press Event: iPads, Mac Pro & Mavericks?

    Has anyone else heard any rumors about the apple event? I have heard a few from some sites...
  12. HackintoshMan

    Steam doesn't open

    I JUST re-installed OSX 10.8.5 and now my steam application does NOT open. Is this happening to anyone else? It also happened during 10.8.4
  13. HackintoshMan

    Z77 Overclocking board

    I see that some of the good boards like the UD5H and UP5-TH have been discontinued. am looking to upgrade from my Z77-WIFI to a larger board that can support up to 32 gb of ram and one that will support higher overclocks. Im not sure about how well the rest of the recommended boards will over...
  14. HackintoshMan

    Now apps won't open...

    It seems that after I updated from 10.8.3 to 10.8.4 some apps that I have downloaded will not open. They bounce and the app name appears next to the apple but it just hangs and the CPU just skyrockets. I have repaired disk permissions and all that stuff. Im backing up all of my data now and I...
  15. HackintoshMan

    iPhone 5s/6?

    What do you guys think apple will do with the 5s? I have heard of making it 64 bit and a few other features like fingerprint scanning and dual flash, but what have you guys heard?
  16. HackintoshMan

    The best word...

    What word(s) best describe these interests? Photography Photo Editing Web Design Web Hosting Logo Design
  17. HackintoshMan

    Nikon D5100 vs D5200

    Im looking to get a nice DSLR Camera. I fell in love with the D60 when my teacher lent it to me. Now I realize that is is about 5 years old and I have seen what others can do. I was able to try the D5100 and it seems pretty nice. Now I see that the D5200 was released a while ago and I need some...
  18. HackintoshMan

    How many Threads and Cores do you have?

    I just want to see the most common amount of Threads and Cores used in your machines. EDIT: Does anyone know how to edit polls?
  19. HackintoshMan

    GPU Suggestions

    I will probably invest in a decent GPU sometime soon. It will be an upgrade from intel HD4000. My uses: Adobe CS6 Moderate Gaming Maybe video editing What would you guys recommend me getting?
  20. HackintoshMan

    FreeNAS Build

    Have any of you heard of a FreeNas? I am looking into building one. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is "network attached storage" FreeNAS is the OS that you install onto the computer. It looks like it will even allow Time Machine to back up to it. Although it...