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  1. Nicola93

    CPU Over Temperature Error!

    Hi guys, same issue here... have you found a solution back then? Thanks
  2. Nicola93

    Remove Clover OS X Boot

    Hi Everyone. Same problem here. Please help
  3. Nicola93

    Remove Clover OS X Boot

    Hi everyone. Same problem here... Please help
  4. Nicola93

    ASUS Sabertooth x79 Build with Yosemite

    I have. Sabertooth x79 - 6-core. I report these problems: :banghead:
  5. Nicola93

    Yosemite system started freezing after startup

    Hi guys. Had The exact same problem with: Yosemite 10.5 Sabertooth x79 i7 4930k GT 740 sc Any of you got over this??