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  1. mitch_549

    internet connection has died in windows and mac :S

    Heyyy would love some help, I put my hack to sleep last night, internet was working fine, and when i woke it up this morning (it froze as usual, but thats another problem) then internet was not connected. I checked in about my mac, and it didnt even detect an internet card. I rebooted the comp...
  2. mitch_549

    Very Strange wake from sleep problem

    Hey i recently just did a clean install of Lion, because Voodoo kexts were causing a problem. I have finally got everything working, however now when i put it to sleep, when i got to wake it up, either one monitor (VGA connection) will freeze with strange black and grey pattern, or it will...
  3. mitch_549

    Overclocking lost after sleep in Windows 7 and Lion

    Hey, i have Lion and Windows 7 installed on two separate hardrives, and both are running fine. I tired overclocking my i7 2600k to 4.2, and my geekbench score went from 10000 to 13000, however, after sleep, it always returned to around 10000. I assumed it was something to do with mac, but even...
  4. mitch_549

    Easiest way to duel boot?

    I have Lion running perfeclty on a SSD with two other 1tb drives, one with media and one blank. Is it possible to install Windows on one tb drive without affecting Lion? If so, what bios setting do i change? can i simply use the same settings as the Lion bios? Thanks in advance :)
  5. mitch_549

    System runs perfectly, except KP every second start up....

    My system seems to be running fine, no KPs and full Qe/Ci, however, when I go to turn on my computer, it gets to the mac loading screen, and the shows a KP. I then usually retry and it works fine. Sometimes i have to go to bios and make sure all the settings are correct for it to boot. My...
  6. mitch_549

    Most powerful Nvidia Graphics card?

    What would be the most powerful Nvidia card which would be easily supported in my Hackintosh? I was looking at the Leadtek nVidia Quadro 4000 PCI Express 2/0 or somethnig similar, not any more that $1000.... Thanks :D
  7. mitch_549

    Will the Intel 6 Core i7-3930K run?

    Should I buy a 6 Core i7-3930K and a 2011 Gigabyte board, or just get a 2700k CPU? I can not find a clear answer as to whether this mobo/CPU will be Mac compatible. Thanks in advance :D