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  1. lightninhopkins

    128GB RAM and 16 cores / 32 threads X9DAI

    I got everything to work on this board including the network. CineBench CPU score in Win7 is 24.5. And GeekBench in Win7 is 40,000 Unfortunately haven't gotten Lion to perform fast enough because the TurboBoost doesn't kick in with the Lion install. That's 16 cores running at 2.9GHz, but...
  2. lightninhopkins

    Any luck with Intel i350 Ethernet ?

    Working on a supermicro X9DAi and wondering if anyone had luck getting the network to function with the Intel i350 ethernet.
  3. lightninhopkins

    Lion from latest Mac mini or MBA with Lion already

    Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I did a search and found nothing. The only threads I found were how to download Lion AFTER buying it from the app store. I only have the latest mac mini and MBA, which both had Lion on it, and I can only reinstalled from command+R, so no...
  4. lightninhopkins

    Marvell Yukon 88E8057

    Just curious if anyone has had success with the Marvell Yukon 88E8057 ? Using 10.6.5 on the EVGA SR-2 board. Thanks
  5. lightninhopkins

    48GB memory 8 cores - works !

    To my amazement, I finally got this monster machine working. Tyan S7010 (upgradable to 6 cores per socket) Nehalem 3GHz 8 total cores. 48GB DDR3 1333 Memory (12x 4GB sticks) 256GB SSD nvidia Quadro FX 1700 The Intel LAN didn't seem to load, which was strange since it works on all the...
  6. lightninhopkins

    Looping welcome screen ?

    Hello folks. I've installed a few machine successfully and it's getting easier each time. I've just finished installing a new machine and immediately after the installation, on the first boot I get the Welcome Screen (with all the languages), and it keeps looping on that video. Never gets to...
  7. lightninhopkins

    Another audio post - Intel DX58SO

    Anyone had any luck with getting audio on the DX58SO? The tiny chip on the board which is barely legible says it's the 889. I tried that but no luck. The only audio I get is just like everyone else, with the iboot and pre-beast install. Thanks folks. Everything else works fine on this Intel...
  8. lightninhopkins

    Cant see more than 4GB - tried many things :)

    Hello folks. Thank you for this forum BTW. This is on an Intel DX58SO with 8GB RAM. I'm having issues seeing more than 4GB. I've done everything by the books. Boots fine, all the drivers work, etc. Even in the "about mac" I see every stick of memory. It shows 8GB in the nvidia iboot boot...