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  1. pjjj

    Why there's no ATI GPUs in buyer's guide?

    I have the same card. Actually, 2 of them. FPCX performance is excellent. My experience wasn't quite OOB. I had to do this extra setup to get the system to boot from a non-USB drive. I suppose, in...
  2. pjjj

    Hackintosh for Video Editing (first Hackintosh ever)

    This has been said many times before, but in case you missed it.... Video editing software is usually optimized for one type of GPU. If you use Adobe, the nVidia cards are great. If you use FCPX, it's optimized for AMD chips. Many people have posted benchmarks and reviews of FCPX. Mid-range...
  3. pjjj

    Is iMovie just like FCPX in terms of hardware needs?

    and yeah, sorry, that high end benchmarking is pretty much the opposite of iMovie.... On the (very long) BruceX forum thread, I saw a few people reporting pretty decent results with 270X cards. Sadly, it seems nobody reports much about iMovie.
  4. pjjj

    Is iMovie just like FCPX in terms of hardware needs?

    I ran BruceX just the other day, out of curiousity. 19 seconds with dual 280X. I also ran these tests, which are probably much more representative of typical FCPX performance with normal usage on HD content than BruceX's test on 5K export...
  5. pjjj

    10.10.4 and El Capitan 4k compatibility

    I have the Saphire one. Actually, two of them. The only reason I got AMD cards was for FCPX. After install, I hit the boot up troubles. Following these well documented instructions fixed things. If you're not editing video, the nVidia cards on the buyer's guide might be a better choice...
  6. pjjj

    Proposed build - midrange, video editing (iMovie), CustoMac mATX type.

    Plenty of other threads confirm the AMD cards (but maybe not the newest 290 ones) are best for FCPX. Many people have confirmed FCPX works on nVidia cards, but slowly, even when the card is superior to the AMD ones. Maybe iMovie is similar? The AMD cards do require an extra, fairly complex...
  7. pjjj

    Is iMovie just like FCPX in terms of hardware needs?

    I'm running FCPX with a pair of R9 280X cards. I haven't bothered to do benchmarks, but I can say it runs very nicely. Not that it was terribly slow on my old 2011 macbook pro, but it did bog down sometimes, and transcoding to optimized media seemed to take forever. It's much faster now...
  8. pjjj

    10.10.4 and El Capitan 4k compatibility

    I can confirm 4K works great with 10.10.4, at least on my hardware: dual R9 280X cards and a Philips 4065UC monitor. In fact, 10.10.3 was only able to do 4K at 30 Hz. Others had reported working 60 Hz, but mine didn't. I suspect that might be due to my 4065UC being in the newer crop of 4K...
  9. pjjj

    Building and buying for video editing

    If you're using FCPX for video editing, maybe read those messages about which cards work well (only specific AMD) and which don't (all nVidia). If using Adobe, your criteria is probably very different than with FCPX.
  10. pjjj

    Building and buying for video editing
  11. pjjj

    FCPX: are 3 GPUs better than 2

    I'm getting the feeling nobody in the entire world has ever actually tried 3 GPUs with FCPX. Well, outside of Apple employees with strict non-disclosure agreements.... Guess that's not too surprising, since 3 GPUs can't really fit into older mac pro towers, and others macs can't be upgraded at...
  12. pjjj

    FCPX: are 3 GPUs better than 2

    In this message, Rob mentioned "dual 280X cards work very well, triple even better". Can Final Cut Pro X really use a 3rd GPU? I spent quite a bit of time searching and reading many threads. Found LOTS of benchmarks showing 2 GPUs matter, that AMD is much better supported than nVidia, but I...
  13. pjjj

    Buying Advice For Video Editing Build

    Does Final Cut really make use of a 3rd GPU? No genuine macs ship with 3 GPUs, do they? Do you think it matters if all 3 slows have similar numbers of PCIe lanes? For example, on a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD7 TH board, there's 3 "x16" slots, with 16, 8 and 4 lanes. Would adding a 3rd 280X card in...
  14. pjjj

    video cards

    Don't you also need AMD chips to be like the Mac Pro?
  15. pjjj

    Final Cut Pro X - Which Graphics Card

    Thanks for the detailed info! I'm also planning a build for running FCPX & Motion5. My only frame of reference is a late-2011 Macbook Pro with HD 6770M and 2.4 GHz i7 processor. It runs FCPX pretty well, though it gets really HOT and the fans run loud, which kinda sucks when I want to redo a...