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  1. apieroni

    El Capitan on GA-H97N-WIFI (success) - Use Mac 15,1!!!

    Hi!, I'm missing HDMI audio, too and thumb drivers work with USB3.0 if they are formatted as GPT, still cannot read a FAT32 USB, but USB3.0 speed seems to be working, I got almost maximum performance using an SSD over those ports. Regards,
  2. apieroni

    El Capitan on GA-H97N-WIFI (success) - Use Mac 15,1!!!

    Hi All, I will post very soon my config but after having power management trouble with the sleep and my hdmi TV (black screen after wakeup, kernel panic in deep sleep, etc). I did change my MAC SMB to 15,1 and... voila!, even have the Clover Audio script 110 working! Noticed that: 1 - the...
  3. apieroni

    Unibeast 6.1 doesn't work on Ga-H97N-WIFI (fixed)

    Can you send me your clover config file? I wonder what options you have enabled...... Regards,
  4. apieroni

    Unibeast 6.1 doesn't work on Ga-H97N-WIFI (fixed)

    After trying to install OS X with unibeast 6.1 just quit....did succeed though using 1 - Format USB 2 - Use command line to make a USB OS X installer 3 - Use clover configurator to mount the EFI partition 4 - Use the clover special edition from insane Mac forum, add the HD4600 to get intel...
  5. apieroni

    El Capitan on GA-H97N-WIFI (success)

    Hi All, I did successfully installed OS X el capitan on my GA-H97N-WIFI computer. Also updated clover to 3292. Still need to figure out the HD4600 installation. Had to add the HFSPLUS.EFI and the Null Power Management kext, and also mark up the FIX_INTELGFX on ACPI. Do not inject Intel...
  6. apieroni

    UniBeast: Install OS X El Capitan on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    Hi, Thank you very much for your guide.... I have a GA-H97N-WIFI with i3 processor and 16 GB or ram...using HD graphics. The installation guide doesn't work for me, unless manually added: NullCPUPowerManagement.kext HFSPlus.efi Also: removed VBoxHfs-64.efi That make it works!. We...