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  1. YWO

    First Hackintosh - Will my build work? (Haswell Extreme CPU)

    OK; you might find this Puget Systems blog post useful if you haven't already seen something like it. I've never built a machine using the higher end CPUs, but differentiating between models always seemed a bit messy to me. That post helped make things clearer.
  2. YWO

    MrSlave Build program. Looking for some advice, thoughts, suggestions from the erudite

    Regarding the system drive, 128 GB is plenty, if all you'll be using it for is MacOS. You'll want another SSD as a scratch or working drive, if your budget allows.
  3. YWO

    First Hackintosh - Will my build work? (Haswell Extreme CPU)

    I'd strongly recommend going with a build from the buyers' guide. Depending on what you want to use your machine for, those parts might be much more than you need (particularly the CPU). If you post your intended usage here, people will probably be able to make some suggestions.
  4. YWO

    Compatibility of iron.

    Assuming this is your first build, I'd strongly recommend going with one of the builds in the buyers' guide.
  5. YWO

    Buying advice for video editing hackintosh

    I don't do video editing, so can't really comment on the appropriateness of your CPU and motherboard selection, but there are plenty of existing video editing builds listed on this website. What I can suggest is considering your budget and SSD choice(s). I'd expect that a larger but marginally...
  6. YWO

    Need to buy HDD and RAM

    1. Try checking the recommended RAM in the Buyers' Guide. 2. Separate OSs on separate drives is viable, but have you checked on the compatibility of your motherboard with MacOS? (If not, try searching for the same motherboard on this website.) Hope this helps.
  7. YWO

    Machine for Photoshop

    The H97 chipset on that motherboard will not support overclocking, so it's no point buying a K (overclock-capable) CPU. The PSU capacity should be fine.
  8. YWO

    1st Hackintosh / Photoshop / Premiere

    You could save money by just using the built-in GPU on your CPU (for now) and only buy a discrete GPU card later. Unless you have a specific reason for needing an M.2 device (it sounds as if you don't), then you could use a motherboard without it. Without a discrete GPU card, you could probably...
  9. YWO

    Building my first Hackintosh - Please help

    As a suggestion, see the CustoMac Nano section in the buyers' guide linked above for a 'bare minimum' build, and scale up from there until you reach your budget (e.g., CustoMac Mini would be the next step up).
  10. YWO

    First Hardware selection [Video&Photo performance/price]

    Check the buyers' guide (linked above) for parts compatibility. For PSU capacity, you can check various on-line power usage calculators, but looking at your list, I'd guess that anything from 550 W up should be fine.
  11. YWO

    Need advice on CustoMac Pro build

    Looks good to me. All the best with your build.
  12. YWO

    First build, please review

    You've listed a CPU cooler (Scythe Mugen 4) under your PSU heading, but assuming you're using any decent PSU (e.g., Corsair, Seasonic) and you've checked all the physical clearances (e.g., GPU length), your list looks good to me.
  13. YWO

    First Hackintosh... I have a device list, Please help me check.

    On a quick glance, your list looks good to me, but check the buyers' guide (if you haven't done so already) for information about getting the GTX960 working.
  14. YWO

    Hackintosh for Photoshop (first build)

    This might be of interest for background reading:
  15. YWO

    Z68-UD3H-B3 is broken - Should I buy the same? Or newer one? (1155 Socket)

    See if you can find one of the motherboards listed here (and that fits within your budget):
  16. YWO

    Rampage IV Black Edition // I7 4930K // GTX 970 4go

    (1) You should be able to fit 64 GB on that motherboard. (2) In terms of outright cooling, I believe that liquid-cooling systems give better performance, but are also noisier than air-cooling systems. (3) There are various power usage calculators available, but 650 W looks fine to me for the...
  17. YWO

    X99/HaswellE Raid5 Built Advise

    I have not set up RAID5 myself, but this might be a good place to start investigating:
  18. YWO

    Audio Production Work Horse Build. Will it work?

    I assume you're getting a very good price on the Samsung 840, otherwise you'd probably be better off, mainly in terms of long term performance, with a newer SSD (e.g., Crucial MX100).
  19. YWO

    Cheap GFX for a 2012 Sandy Bridge build

    I don't know how easy it will be to find compatible cards, but try looking at the list of cards here:
  20. YWO

    Kind of lost...what would you recommand me?

    It sounds like you might be best off going with the CustoMac Pro Socket 2011 parts, and not worrying about the Golden Builds.