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  1. zhutson24

    [Guide] Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen

    You could, but honestly you'd probably be better off just using ig-platform-id under graphics in clover. I have an i5 6600k/RX 480 8GB Hackintosh on 10.14.1 (SMBIOS 17,1) with hardware encoding enabled. My ig-platform-id is 0x19120001 to get that to work. For you, the equivalent would...
  2. zhutson24

    [Guide] Intel Framebuffer patching using WhateverGreen

    @RehabMan @headkaze Would like some help to finalize my Mojave 10.14.2 build. My system has an i5-8400, UHD 630, and GA B360N D3H. I'm currently stuck. My system is at a point where I can either get acceleration with no display output or display output without acceleration. When I have...
  3. zhutson24

    [Guide] Creating a Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext

    How long did it take for you to compile your aml files? This is the first time I'm doing this and I am unsure how long this should take. Thanks, zhutson24