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  1. TheEnthusiast

    LPC/ACPI sensors?

    Thanks for responding. I'm pretty sure that it's read from the EC. I also have a SSDT with a PtidDev, but I'm not sure what edits to make.
  2. TheEnthusiast

    LPC/ACPI sensors?

    Does anyone here have fan speed measurement with FakeSMC's hardware sensor? If yes, how?
  3. TheEnthusiast

    10.8.5 AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement Kernel Panic?

    If you can boot using NullCPU, all that is required is for you to patch the AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement.kext. If you're not sure how to do it, use Google.
  4. TheEnthusiast

    10.8.5 Update Available

    In regards to the SMC fall back console message, I can confirm that it occurs on some real Macs as well. It was also present after 10.7.4 and is currently present on the next release of OS X. Everything works fine, but, if you're really that bothered by it, you can use the AppleSMC from 10.8.4...
  5. TheEnthusiast

    Clover boot

    I have been using Clover for several months now and have seen it evolve significantly. In terms of EFI boot, similar to Chameleon, Clover is much better in my opinion. More things work seamlessly, especially with a properly patched DSDT. UEFI boot has also changed a lot over the course of the...
  6. TheEnthusiast

    RehabMan's MacBookAir6,2 Mid-2013

    RehabMan, have you tried iStat Pro/Menus? There is a free trial. Plus, it works fine in my opinion, and in the opinion of many others.
  7. TheEnthusiast

    How to get audio working on OS X Mountain Lion

    Although VoodooHDA works perfectly fine and I have used it myself, I highly recommend using patched AppleHDA. You can either search for a kext patched for your system or patch the kext yourself whenever you have the opportunity. Patching it yourself is a rather lengthy process compared to...
  8. TheEnthusiast

    Overheating with Native Power Management

    Although I'm not sure about what to do regarding your issue, I'm curious about the dangerously high temperature of your HDD, when your system is under load. Rehabman has already suggested reapplying thermal paste, but does your laptop require cleaning as well? Also, what is your ambient...
  9. TheEnthusiast

    Dell N5010

    Go for it. Hopefully you can find some useful information that will get you up and running.
  10. TheEnthusiast

    Dell N5010

    Ethernet built-in should be a key inside of your org.chameleon.boot.plist file that is located inside the Extra folder. You can try it though, not sure if it works like that or not.
  11. TheEnthusiast

    Dell N5010

    Ethernet built-in string should be "yes"
  12. TheEnthusiast

    Dell N5010

    Do a cold-boot, one where you didn't boot into Windows first, and try the boot-flags "-x -v" You shouldn't try to modify the installer as yet, more of a last resort in my opinion. Do you have ethernet set to "built-in?" Also, your wifi card may not work, but I am not entirely sure. If it indeed...
  13. TheEnthusiast

    Best SSD for our ProBook's 4530s?

    Yes I do have a standard 5400 RPM, but the kexts that you load are also a factor in conjunction with Clover. Clover loads its stuff (DSDT, SSDT, ACPI tables, etc.) before loading the GUI unlike Chameleon so only OS X information is loaded once you choose the boot disk, like a real Mac. Plus...
  14. TheEnthusiast

    Best SSD for our ProBook's 4530s?

    That is absolutely horrifying, even for a HDD! 40 seconds from the point where you choose an the boot volume!? I use Clover EFI boot, which is similar to Chameleon after the loading the GUI and I can boot in 20 seconds, 18.7 to be specific, from the point where I choose the boot volume to log in...
  15. TheEnthusiast

    Best SSD for our ProBook's 4530s?

    Appleiscool, I'm not sure what you're doing on your end to have 40 second boot times. I have a standard HDD and my boot time is nowhere close to 40 seconds for any of my operating systems. Though, I should state that I have very few things installed.
  16. TheEnthusiast

    Acer 4752g Hacbook restarts again and again

    You guys have to provide more detailed information. By this, I mean boot in verbose mode "-v" and if possible, take a picture of the line where it either stops, or restarts. If you can't take a picture, then describe the screen.
  17. TheEnthusiast

    Dell N5010

    I see. The KP is related to the ethernet kext. Do you dual boot OS X and Windows? What ethernet kext did you install and how did you install it?
  18. TheEnthusiast

    Kernel Panic

    Do you want to install OS X on a virtual machine or do you want to build a hackintosh? Your initial post has an image that depicting a virtual machine.
  19. TheEnthusiast

    Dell N5010

    A description of the panic screen or a picture would be helpful.
  20. TheEnthusiast

    OS X doesn't boot after HWMonitor update

    Interesting. Thanks for the information. I, like kozlek, use Clover so I haven't seen the instability that occurs with the use of Chimera/Chameleon bootloader. I will also try the SMC flag to see the effects.