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  1. wilkmn

    REALLY SORRY TO SPAM! R9 270 + Default MultiBeast Yosemite Framebuffer problem! Please help.

    Hey guys I am REALLY sorry to make a new topic and bump my other topic so much. I could really use some help here. I am a real noob in Hackintoshes and I just need to get this working. You guys really will make my day if you help me out here. So I had a big problem with my R9 270, got some...
  2. wilkmn

    AMD R9 270 / Yosemite / SYSTEM HALT

    Hey guys, So I bought a new GPU. As the title says R9 270. I used to have a 560 Ti and my hackintosh was working flawlessly with that. I am dual booting Win7 and Yosemite so I didn't try Yosemite right on the go with the new card. As I upgraded and went to try Yosemite, I had a crazy lag on...
  3. wilkmn

    Apple LED Cinema Display 27"

    I could get one for around 650 € and it's using a Mini DisplayPort. Can this monitor easily be hooked into a PC? I read somewhere it has 3 connectors, what does that mean? Power plug and one cord to my GPU? What's the third one?
  4. wilkmn

    [bootmgr missing win7 dual boot]

    Hello everyone. I would like to say I'm extremely sorry to keep posting but I am really excited about this hackintosh stuff. It feels amazing to run a Yosemite on my PC. However I would ideally love to have a Windows 7 next to it, as a dual boot. I started off by following some YouTube...
  5. wilkmn

    Dual-boot installation gone wrong? Help please.

    Hey, I've tried posting a couple of times but no replies. Hopefully this one could get at least some help, thank you in advance of course. So the thing is I wish to get a working dual boot win7 / yosemite build. I've followed a tutorial series from a certain YouTuber, not sure if it's...
  6. wilkmn

    YOSEMITE PANIC 0 // Fresh install, help please!

    Hey guys! So I just went out and bought myself these two new parts to start a fresh install to Yosemite. Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3 Intel Z97 LGA 1150 ATXIntel Core i5 4690K 3,5 GHz LGA1150 I used to run Windows 7 and formated my 2TB HDD and 240 GB Samsung EVO Pro SSD. I had nothing on my rig. I then...
  7. wilkmn

    Can I hackintosh a rig with these components using Yosemite?

    Hello fellas, I'm new on the whole Hackintosh stuff. I'm thinking of going Yosemite with this setup, I'd just like to check if it's possible to just go straight forward on without downloading external DSTD's ( I don't even know what that yet means nor how to work with them. I started...