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  1. darkwizard

    [Solved] Can't boot Sierra without USB

    hey, I didn't the opportunity to work on it last night, but those Mac OS X uefi didn't work for me either, I deleted those entries on my BIOS, under Advanced Mode, it did take me a while to get it running.
  2. darkwizard

    [Solved] Can't boot Sierra without USB

    yeah I tried that flag, as well as the NvidiaWeb true flag, I was reading another post for a solution which I'm going to give it a go, but yeah, audio was working for me. I do use the Optical out.
  3. darkwizard

    [Solved] Can't boot Sierra without USB

    I damn, you know what, If I manage later today, I'll record the whole process; hopefully we can get our systems working somehow, and yes I had audio. Multibeast: 898 with the 5.1 optional I had 13.2 smbios, which might have contributed to the 980gtx not working. One thing that I did, was to...
  4. darkwizard

    [Solved] Can't boot Sierra without USB

    I actually have the same board and got curious to perform a Sierra install on my hackintosh, I was running into the same issue last night; - Removed all other hard drives, I left just the test SSD install - Unibeast install - Multibeast install with no problem - Installed clover but still won't...
  5. darkwizard

    recommendations for a Dual or Quad port, Gigabit NIC, Cat-5 - Intel

    That's awesome, thank you for doing this test, I was just looking into buying a card to take use of the Multichannel of SMB 3, thank you for doing the test.
  6. darkwizard

    [Problems] Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe

    is it possible for you to share your bios? thanks!