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  1. Danighooli

    Mojave glitches and boots to black screen

    I don’t remember what I did last, but the last screen I saw was me trying to log off for the first time on this hackintosh after 3 months so I can login to another user. The screen went black. Now everytime I try to boot the computer it does everythinv perfectly, then glitches the bottom portion...
  2. Danighooli

    10.14.4 CPU temps

    Hi all, I did not seem to find the solution to this anywhere. I recently build a Hackintosh with the following info; However, a few things are not working, CPU temps, Fan speeds,... (or any other info in the HW monitor). Second thing that is not working is the sleep/shutdown options. the...
  3. Danighooli

    WiFi and Bluetooth advice for El Capitan

    Hi, I recently made two hacks with a very same specs. I am looking into having Magic Keyboard and mouse on them and would prefer to connect with WiFi even though the Ethernet works out of the box and is very fast and reliable. (just so my setup is cleaner as I'm planing to make 2 more and put...
  4. Danighooli

    What a hackintoshed fridge looks like

    I was just surfing the web and found this. I though I can give you guys a laugh. Please don't ban me or something for this if it's not following the rules.