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  1. christiancfr

    Black Screen after Apple Logo Loading

    Hi, I'm trying to install El Capitan but i can't manage to complete it succesfully. I've installed El Capitan, and then the drivers with Multibeast. When i reset to boot from my HD (and not anymore from usb) it hangs at boot. I took screenshots at -v (I ordered from 1 to 9), so you can help me...
  2. christiancfr

    Kernel Panic trying to install Sierra on Z77M D3H

    Hi, I'm following this guide. When i boot from the USB and i choose Clover, the Apple Logo appears and it starts loading, but after few seconds, the Screen shows this (see image attached)...
  3. christiancfr

    Help, I screwed my clover boot

    Hi, i screwed up my clover boot. Yesterday, I got some errors on my disk that couldn't be repared with disk utility. I entered to recovery mode, but disk utility couldn't repair it. After i used the Recovery mode i couldn't boot again to my El Capitan Installation. Also in single user mode, fsck...
  4. christiancfr

    Help Installing Local by Flywheel on El Capitan

    Hi Tonymac users, I'm trying to install Local by Flywheel in my hackintosh with El Capitan but I can't. Local is a software to design/develop websites in Local Host, so it creates a virtual server in my machine. It gave me an error like this "VBoxManage: error: VT-x is disabled in the BIOS for...
  5. christiancfr

    NVIDIA GT 630 Dual Display El Capitan

    I've successfully installed my first Hackintosh (El Capitan 10.11.4). I would like to use 2 monitors, and the NVDIA GT630 has 3 ports: HDMI, DVI and VGA. Is there a way to make them work at least 2 of them (ports) at the same time in El Capitan? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.