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  1. Hackintoad

    No trackpad or touchscreen response on ASUS UX480F

    Can anybody help me fix trackpad and touchscreen on my laptop. Its an ASUS UX480F Intel i7 8565U, 8gb ram with intel uhd graphics 620. I have attached my EFI and IOReg files, if anymore info is needed please let me know.
  2. Hackintoad

    Asus UX480F DSDT patching help

    I have a Asus UX480F with intel i7-8565U and intel uhd graphics 620. I found an EFI folder on here that someone had made with a similar laptop, using this i was able to get Catalina 10.15.3 installed with full graphics acceleration, however I am unable to use the trackpad or touchscreen. I...
  3. Hackintoad

    Mojave Black Screen Problem, Bios Has To Be Reset To Boot After Booting Windows

    I'm stuck as I have a fully working hackintosh that simply doesn't want to display anything after booting into windows. Everytime I boot into windows I have to load optimised defaults to have the hackintosh boot to the login screen. After this the hackintosh boots reliably everytime untill I...