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  1. ISmokeAir

    Igpu not working

    I am trying to install macos Mojave on my fell 7567 using this guide. With the USB installer plugged in and clover booting from it, everything is working, but when I remove the USB I get "[IGPU] Hash data from ME never returned". I tried using the same options as the USB (nv_disable=1 ...
  2. ISmokeAir

    EFI folder

    I am trying to transform my desktop into a hackintosh but I have trouble getting it running. My specs:I7 7700k , 8 GB of RAM 128gb data m.2 ssd, ASRock z270 Killer SLI and Intel integrated graphics. I have tried using clover bootloader, but after I booted up the sistem and installed clover on...
  3. ISmokeAir

    Macos on old laptop

    Because I have a ton of time I want to TRY to install MacOS Catalina on my old laptop (acer 6930 eith a 480gb ssd and a t9800+4gb of ram). I tried to use the terminal to put macos on my usb and then use clover bootloader to make the usb bootable but when i plug it in the laptop just hase a...
  4. ISmokeAir

    Z270 MotherBoard

    What is the best MB for macOS Catalina? I have an I7 7700K and I am using ig.
  5. ISmokeAir

    No -f command

    Șo I tried to build my first hackintosh. And I used a guide that worked amazing but now I am stuck. In the guide I have to boot on Mac os with -f(no cache) but I don't have that option when I press space. What am I doing wrong?
  6. ISmokeAir

    Slow booting

    After a day of Efi hell I finally got my hackintosh USB installer working but when I get to the apple logo (first boot) it is really slow and after a while my display says "no video input" My specs are I7 7700k , ASRock Z270 Killer sli , 8 GB of RAM , and a480 gb kingstone SSD. What am I doing...