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  1. Jumper2012

    Cant enter the uefi Bios on my Z97 UD5H BK Board

    hi I am currently trying to install Mojave but it wont Boot into the installer. When i try to enter the Bios it Shows me what you can see on the Picture. I already tryed resetting the Bios etc. Backup Bios does the same. I also tryed removing the RX 580 and use the onboard Grafics but it doesnt...
  2. Jumper2012

    Gigabyte z87x-ud5h

    Hi What Options do i have to install in Multibeast to get that board working ?
  3. Jumper2012

    How to Remove the Power Mac G5 Power button

    hi i have an Power Mac G5 here and no idea how to remove the Power Button ^^ i need your help :)