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  1. gdawg33

    GT 240 fix?

    I have an asus gt 240 with SL installed but I can only get one resolution. I heard people getting their 240's to work and was hoping to get mine too. What I have tried so far: multiBeast with 10.6.4 installed did not put NVEnabler as I heard it doesn't work with 240 GraphicsEnabler=Yes please...
  2. gdawg33

    can you install multibeast in safe mode[solved]

    Because of my video card I can only boot into safe mode and was wondering how to install multibeast if I can't use my usb drive. I was wondering if I could put iboot and multibeast on the same cd and boot from that.
  3. gdawg33

    GT 240 problems [solved]

    I have the gt 240 and when i boot into normal mode the screen bounces up and down and nothing loads but when I boot into safe mode everything works fine. Is there a way to fix this or am I stuck in safe mode
  4. gdawg33

    shutsdown as its about to show language selection

    my specs are: motherboard:intel DH55TC video card:asus gt240 cpu:intel core i5-650 ramg.skill 1333 gaming ram I get to where I see the cursor and a grey screen for about 20sec. then I get a black screen that flashes something that is to fast to read and then cpu halted then my computer shuts...
  5. gdawg33

    kernel panic before installion

    alright I'm trying to install sl but everytime I try I get a kernel panic before I can choose the language. I think the problem is the video card because I have seen other people install with my board. I load defaults for everything but HTEP 64 and AHCI and cd-rom as first boot the kernel panic...