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  1. musiclee

    Apple Releases OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.1 Update

    what does this mean for the probook installers? tegezee?
  2. musiclee

    Is OS X Mountain Lion Crippling Laptop Battery Life?

    That seems to be the word on the it & read all about it What are you Probookers here experiencing? ML vs. Lion?
  3. musiclee

    Probook Installers...Which Best & Easiest To Use?

    i'm a newbie, gonna install ML soon i am uncertain which to use seems there are 3 installers? i remember an old one i used for 10.7.3 by "tonymac" i believe then came this Version 4 which looks nice by "tegezee" i believe (very menu driven) then i see a V.5b2 by "iOSBeast" (which seems a...
  4. musiclee

    Instructions for Fresh Install of ML on 4530s?

    seems daunting as there seems to be quite a few guides, etc what is THE best way for brand new install? is there a guide that tells you everything from A-Z in an easy step-by-step? maybe we can have THE guide as a sticky on top of this forum? Tony, anyone... which guide do you...
  5. musiclee

    Dedicated hp 4530s subforum here

    can we please create a subgroup-subforum i guess for 4530s here like we have in the 10.7 Laptop Support Forum that would be awesome thanks
  6. musiclee

    UniBeast USB

    can we please have a step by step on how to create a USB drive to load Mountain Lion onto so we can do a fresh clean install? i guess what i'm looking for is the "full OS X Mountain Lion retail installation and upgrade guide"
  7. musiclee

    Using 4530's mousepad as left click - double click ??

    i see the 2 finger gesture works to scroll down, which is great would be great to get 3 finger... but how about tapping mousepad to click, 2x click? is this not supported in OSX ?
  8. musiclee

    How To EASILY get rid of or minimize graphic glitches...

    2 steps: 1- Install Adobe Flash 2- Reboot GENIOUS !!!
  9. musiclee

    Bluetooth Setup Assistant

    this keeps popping up from time to time at startup how do i get rid of this pop-up for good?
  10. musiclee

    Installing 2 SSD's into the 4530s

    so i got a LinCredible deal on 2 Crucial m4 256gb from Craigslist, sealed :-) so i will have about 500GB, which is what came with it. i want dual boot, OSX, Win7 i assume each OS on it's own SSD is BEST ? rather than both OS's on 1, then other for storage? anyone here have 2 SSD's...
  11. musiclee

    4k Advanved Format HD OK for Win7 on optical bay

    thinking about putting this "problematic" 4k HD on optical with WIn7 as dual boot, and different HD on main bay will i still get boot0problem with Win7 if it's dual boot on 2nd bay, optical bay?
  12. musiclee

    Fan ALWAYS On?

    seems my fan is always on i think i saw option for this in BIOS? should we change this so it's NOT always on? if so, will it turn on when it needs to ??? thanks
  13. musiclee

    fix 4k Hard Drive or put into 2nd bay?

    should i try those tweaks to make my 4k work with OSX? or use a different HD? and put the 4k one in 2nd bay? once in second bay i guess it can be for storage or running Windows7 (dual boot) ? thing is the 4k one is 750GB, and the other is 120gb or 250gb i believe... suggestions? maybe...
  14. musiclee

    4k Drives vs. 512bytes... How to identify, fix, avoid Boot0

    so i'm having that annoying Boot0 error which there seems to be a complicated fix for via some tweaks after install how do you know which drives have 4k clusters before you buy them? aren't most HD's today at 4k? i thought 512 bytes was outdated? any way to convert the 4k drives to 512 bytes...
  15. musiclee

    followed probook installer to the T and...

    after step 16...unplug usb drive and boot from HD i get black screen and this error in DOS: boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: error i absolutely carefully followed the guide anyone please? help, suggestions? it is booting to HD, but :cry:
  16. musiclee

    probook installer DSDT ??

    why is F20 the only one listed under Radeon? i have BIOS FOA, but I have Radeon, (which i disabled) which do i choose in installer? F0A listed under HD3000? or F20 listed under Radeon? as i have Radeon card in my machine and if you have F20, do you choose the one under HD3000 or the one...
  17. musiclee

    WOW! 4530s,i7 Quad2630QM, 8GB, Rad+HD3000, 500GB, Blury $699

    AMAZING deal i think !!! won't last, ... gn=WEM2996 i got the same one a month ago.... you can get it with just 4gb, for $699, no rebates, here's link to this one: ... gn=WEM2996 but why not get it with 8GB...
  18. musiclee

    10.7.3 BUG in OS

    is this something we should worry about? ... w-fix.html
  19. musiclee

    Best SSD for 4530s

    what to look for in an SSD as far as latest, fastest? is Crucial the way to go? and which to stay away from? i hear OCZ are problematic? should i get something like: Crucial CT128M4SSD2 m4 2.5" Solid State Drive - 128GB, SATA 6Gb/s i hear these can do 500 mb/sec read with latest firmware...
  20. musiclee

    64GB SSD for dual boot

    As SSD is still expensive I was thinking of getting a Kingston SSD cost is $75 for 64GB after rebate I'd put my 750gb sata in optical bay question: is the 64gb SSD plenty for dual OS dual boot from same SSD with OS X and Win7 pro ? Would my programs or should my programs also install into...