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  1. cheetaa

    [ASUS P8V77-V Pro/TB] Kernel panic when booting

    I don't know if it's your case, but in the past, I had problems (KP crashes) with a Fakesmc plugin. I use HWMonitor, and if I install ACPISensor plugin, I had random crashes in my system at boot. I deleted this plugin, and left CPU, GPU, LPC sensors and no more crashes since then. As sound, I'm...
  2. cheetaa

    Kernel Panic (cpu 0 caller) and reboot with El Capitan on ASUS P8Z77-V LX2

    As your screenshot, it seems you're using MacPro5,1 system definition. If I remember correctly, if you want to use the MacPro5,1 SMBIOS, you must delete AppleTyMCEDriver.kext ​from /System/Library/Extensions. Otherwise, your Hack won't be able to boot. You have the choice to change your System...
  3. cheetaa

    [ASUS P8V77-V Pro/TB] Kernel panic when booting

    I can't say anything about this TB card, cause I don't own any, but reading the info in the link attached, you can see that this card is not compatible with our motherboards, only Deluxe Z87-Z97 boards. Compatible Models* Z87-DELUXE Z97-DELUXE Z97-DELUXE/USB 3.1 Z97-DELUXE(NFC&WLC) I...
  4. cheetaa

    [ASUS P8V77-V Pro/TB] Kernel panic when booting

    Glad to hear that. Enjoy your system ;)
  5. cheetaa

    [ASUS P8V77-V Pro/TB] Kernel panic when booting

    I don't use Nvidia Web drivers, only native drivers, because Web drivers cause problems to me too. Again is not the same graphics card. Don't know if it's relevant. Check out again your settings in Clover (Graphics injection or other settings). My GT640 works without Nvidia injection...
  6. cheetaa

    [ASUS P8V77-V Pro/TB] Kernel panic when booting

    I use the Toleda's script without problems, moreover, my DSDT is ready to HDMI audio, so I have both systems working, onboard audio and HDMI audio. As Csrconfig, no problems neither here. Maybe is something about your Clover version. I use always the latest version available.
  7. cheetaa

    Is it safe to enable TRIM on El Capitan via Terminal

    I've tested both ways, and both work fine for me. Now Trim's working with terminal method. My SSD is an OCZ.
  8. cheetaa

    Installing El Capitan on a computer with Yosemite

    If your Yosemite system has got Clover installed, the answer is YES, you can upgrade it. I did it without problems. More info here: Direct Update to OS X El Capitan Using Clover
  9. cheetaa

    [ASUS P8V77-V Pro/TB] Kernel panic when booting

    I'm using MacPro6,1 System Definition with great results. If you want to test with this System Def., please BE CAREFULL of modify your AppleGraphicsControl.kext in S/L/E folder, and after that, clear all system caches with Onyx (I use ElCapitan Cache Cleaner). Otherwise your system will boot...
  10. cheetaa

    [ASUS P8V77-V Pro/TB] Kernel panic when booting

    This is my 2104 bios patched, ready to flash. 100% working system. Maybe you want to test with another pendrive to flash bios. I have 7 pendrives, and only two of them work fine to flash bios with Flashback feature.
  11. cheetaa

    [ASUS P8V77-V Pro/TB] Kernel panic when booting

    ​I'm assuming your BIOS is patched with PMPatch. Otherwise is the first step... Here we go. You can uncheck all options from Clover Configurator/ACPI, and add a patch to change EHC1 name like this. Uncheck AsusAICPUPM too. This patch is to solve some USB2 port's number restrictions. BTW...
  12. cheetaa

    [ASUS P8V77-V Pro/TB] Kernel panic when booting

    Same specs than you (but graphics card) and no problem at all without NullCpuPowerManagement.kext I'm using my own DSDT for this motherboard. No options marked at Clover, only DSDT. If you want to have a try with it, tell me and I'll send my dsdt to you. B.R.
  13. cheetaa

    Handoff not working with airport extreme + mini PCIe adapter

    Have you done the steps that i recommended you in the other post that you opened before?
  14. cheetaa

    Handoff not working with airport extreme + mini PCIe adapter

    kext-dev-mode does nothing in El Capitan 10.11.1 You must use Rt-Variables CsrActiveConfig=0x3 or 0x67
  15. cheetaa

    Handoff doesn't work. Airdrop does...

    To start looking for the problem, copy in a Terminal window this sentence and press enter to see if Handoff is really working: cat /var/log/system.log | grep -i handoff and check out the output details. There must be something like this: Device Capabilities (Handoff:YES, Instant...
  16. cheetaa

    No out devices in Audio Control Panel

    Not a bug, but a feature ;)
  17. cheetaa

    How do I get proper CPU Power Management using Clover on Asus P8Z77-V Pro Thunderbolt?

    I have the same board/CPU like you. I get the power management generating a SSDT, which is integrated in my DSDT located at EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/Patched Nothing touched at Clover Configurator /ACPI but Drop OEM _DSM because I have my own DSDT installed In my EFI/CLOVER/Kexts/10.11 I have...
  18. cheetaa

    [Solved] Clover not showing. Multi boot Windows 10 & El Capitan in the same HD.

    I was wrong. I have the P7H55-M /USB3, and this board have an Asmedia 6gb/s Sata controller. Your's not the same board.
  19. cheetaa

    Lost Bluetooth

    I guess your USB internal port where the bluetooth cable is attached (from wifi card) is not working. Check the USB fixes post and try to find a solution to make your USB ports working again. El Capitan USB issues