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  1. egrath

    roiuser's Haswell Build: HP z230 Workstation - E3-1245v3 - Quadro K600

    Hi, i'm currently building a system based on the same hardware and have only one issue left: sleeping. When entering sleep, the display goes black but the fans stay on. The entire system won't come back to a useful state anymore. Does sleep work for you, and if yes, which boot parameters are...
  2. egrath

    HP EliteBook 8570p HD4000 IGP Blank screen

    Hello, "IGPEnabler=Yes IGPlatformID=01660004" without anything else did the trick. Thanks, Egon
  3. egrath

    HP EliteBook 8570p HD4000 IGP Blank screen

    Hi, anyone had success with installing 10.9 on a HP EliteBook 8570p (Modell with HD4000 only). Tried a huge amount of different boot parameters without any success - the screen goes blank after booting (-v) at the moment the installer should come up. Tried: - GraphicsEnabler=No IGPEnabler=Yes...
  4. egrath

    UseSystemCaches=True Boot Problem

    Update: After debugging the kext loading process with kextlog=0xfff it seems that the problem occurs cause of the USB Kext being autounloaded during boot when booting with Kernel Caches. Any hints on how to turn off kext autounloading - or a explanation what can produce this behavior?
  5. egrath

    UseSystemCaches=True Boot Problem

    Hi, i'm currently trying to build a HP 8100 CMT based Hackintosh (i7 1st Gen, Radeon 6670) and have the problem that the system currently only has full functionality when booting with "UseKernelCaches=No". When booting with Kernel Caches, the most visible problem is that USB isn't working...
  6. egrath

    "Tuning" the Device Insertion Process

    Hi Koalaman, no specific reason - NTFS would be an option too but it's about "i would like to do it the hard way :-)" egrath
  7. egrath

    "Tuning" the Device Insertion Process

    Hi, can anyone tell me if it's possible to "tune" the actions performed when a removable Media is connected? I have the following situation: - Need to transfer large data files from A (Windows/Linux/OSX) to B (Windows/Linux/OSX) without a Network connection - I use a GPT Partitioned...
  8. egrath

    Sleep stopped working?

    Hi, does sleep work when you kill the smbd process? ("pmset -g assertions" should show nothing wich prevents sleep) egrath
  9. egrath

    Mavericks - AppleIntelE1000 hang after wakeup

    Hi, thanks for the hint but my rig needs darkwake=10 for sleep to work. egrath
  10. egrath

    Mavericks - AppleIntelE1000 hang after wakeup

    Hi, has anyone seen the following behaviour and probably also has a solution? - After Wakup from Sleep, no network connection and dmesg shows: AppleIntelE1000e(Err): Detected Hardware Unit Hang: - Problem can be fixed by manually un/loading the kext: kextunload...
  11. egrath

    i7 870 Mavericks vs ML performance

    Hi, not an actual advice on your problem but don't be afraid of screwing things up - you can always repair things with booting an USB Stick and opening a Terminal. In your case, simply back up the corresponding kexts to another location, copy the other version to /S/L/E and rebuild the caches...
  12. egrath

    Sleep not working at all with Mavericks installed

    Hi, if darkwake=0 does not work for you - there are other options for this too as stated in the following thread: In my case for example darkwake=10 made Sleep work again. egrath
  13. egrath

    Mavericks HP Compaq DC7900 SFF

    Hi, for the DC7900 there's a relatively good DSDT floating around which works extremely well with 10.8 but has a problem with 10.9 - no keyboard and mouse after it has been loaded almost every time. It turned out to be a issue with the HPET IRQs. To make things short, attached a DSDT which...
  14. egrath

    NullCPUPowerManagement explanation wanted

    Hello RehabMan, thanks for the clarification. I think i have to do a little more research in this case as the 10.8.4 installation i used was pretty vanilla (just FakeSMC and AppleIntelE1000) without a patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement. I will keep this thread informed. egrath
  15. egrath

    Gigabyte Brix II will offer Iris Pro Graphics & Other Haswell chips

    Looks like a decent option. What i like most about it is the fact that it has it's Wireless card not soldered to the MoBo but instead uses a Mini-PCIe Card. You can simply replace it with a OOB supported one to get full WiFi capabilities. egrath
  16. egrath

    installing cpupowermanagement from command line

    Hi, you probably need NullCPUPowerManagement.kext if your System didn't used one in 10.8.4 and now produces a KP in 10.8.5. To install it, boot with the installer and copy NullCPUPowerManagement.kext to /System/Library/Extensions. Make sure the permissions are good (chmod -R 755...
  17. egrath

    NullCPUPowerManagement explanation wanted

    Hi, can someone tell me what exactly NullCPUPowerManagement is doing? I've read through many threads and most people tell you that you essentially disable AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement. I can't believe that this is entirely true because of the following situation: - My HP Elite 8200 worked...
  18. egrath

    10.8.5 kernel panics

    Hi, sounds like a problem with FakeSMC.kext. can you boot -s -x and verify if its in place? egrath
  19. egrath

    HP 8200 CMT/SFF 10.8.5 Update Warning KP - Solution inside

    Hi, if you are currently running 10.8.4. on a HP Elite 8200 SFF/CMT you'll probably don't use NullCPUPowerManagement as 10.8.4's AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement works out of the Box with this system. WARNING - 10.8.5. breaks this. If you simply grab the Combo Update and install it, you will be...
  20. egrath

    Can't Even Get to Installer!

    Hi, do you have updated to the latest BIOS available for your Mainboard? Also worth a try would be to look for a DSDT for your Mainboard and put it on the installer (don't forget to edit the org.Chameleon.boot.plist) If you still can't proceed with the installer, boot with "-v" and post a...