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  1. jakeglav21

    End Randomseed +++++

    Ive created and recreated my bootable usb through clover with different option. does not work still. ive used OsxAptioFixDrv-64 and it still didnt work. ive tried -v and -x im running a 6700k 32gb of ram and i am on a gigabyte gaming g1 z170 mobo any ideas? i did have it running on el...
  2. jakeglav21

    My mouse isn't working key board is please help!

    last night I was editing a project it was getting late so I went to bed. When I woke up I was able to log on thru the home screen but as soon as I hit the desktop I was unable to move my mouse. I navigated thru setting with the key board to see if I could find anything and I didn't. Also by...
  3. jakeglav21

    cant get second display to work

    my gtx 970 is working but ii cant get the hdmi to work on my second monitor my first monitor is runnind dvi to hdmi i have the latest web drivers a cuda drivers and all are working
  4. jakeglav21

    Second monitor not responding neeed help

    my web drivers are at 346.03.10f02 it is set at web driver
  5. jakeglav21

    Need help no hdmi signal

    so I have had my havkintoah working great and now I finally got my second monitor out of storage it's I dentical to the one that is hooked up now and when I got to plug it in it doesn't respond My first monitor is DVI to hdmi And my second it hdmi to hdmi I have tried to plug my second...
  6. jakeglav21

    I need help getting audio

    I have audio thru my yeti mic but not through anything else what can i do? and since killer on board networking through gigabytes mobo doesn't work what is a good wifi card i could get? or should i do a wifi extender and ethernet in? i need help asap its for a film production and I'm building...
  7. jakeglav21

    I need Help Please

    Ok so last night i finally got it to work and am up and running but... no sound nor do i have wifi so ya i tried all the drivers on multibeast and nothing any help?. I'm on a gigabyte gaming g1 z170 i7 67k with the wifi unit that the mobo comes with and a pair of speakers i have just luged in...
  8. jakeglav21

    im stuck and need help

    this is where i get stuck am i not waiting long enough or what am i doing something wrong
  9. jakeglav21

    Can i turn my pc into a hackintosh

    my current build GA-Z170X-Gaming G1 i7-6700k gtx 970