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  1. sttefzheu

    i mac i5 2017 retina audio crackling drop outs

    the problem does not matter whether I use the computer with the designer 170z or 390 with thunderbold 3 or the i mac which is least affected but also Hörba logic says the storage medium is too slow or the system is overloaded with all the interface gestest apollo. twin back apollo twin silver...
  2. sttefzheu

    Z390 DESIGNARE firme fläschen ?

    hello can you help me my apollo twin is not recognized in the system as a thunderbold but as a pci i would like to set it so that i find it in the system under thunderbold as with the real mac how do i get it? i have to bottle the mac firmware on my chip who yes how do I do that with a Z390...
  3. sttefzheu

    lenovo 720 yoga trackpad problem

    hello can you help me it's about a lenovo yoga 720 -15ikb i5 7300hq 8gbr am hd 630 the laptop works very well now my problem the trackpad from Lenovo is unfortunately not just usb mouse hir my efi is im down to download what can i do?