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  1. dhika.fucus

    Laptop not properly start

    Hi! I have a problem with my installation. It goes through nice and clean, no error whatsoever, but, every start, it fails. The loading bar only goes through halfway and it restarts, or stuck. I have to use the installation USB to start it up, and always gets "Your computer shut down because of...
  2. dhika.fucus

    Laptop not properly shut down

    Well somehow it doesn't do that anymore :D so case closed.
  3. dhika.fucus

    Laptop not properly shut down

    Hi! I got my Acer machine run Sierra 10.12.6 properly, everything working fine unless brightness (gonna patch that later) and wifi (unfortunately it's unsupported, so I have to stuck with Ethernet :D). Unfortunately, I can't properly shut down the laptop. It just restarts. So, I have to push...