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  1. ColonelPanicGold

    ASUS Z87 - Pro Hackintosh?

    hmmmm in my case, its not that I cannot wait. The main reason why I already posted it here early at this stage is so that a thread can be started about this particular subject. Thats how forum goes. Secondly, who knows, there might just be someone out there who have more information, so I'm also...
  2. ColonelPanicGold

    ASUS Z87 - Pro Hackintosh?

    I am, most likely, getting the asus z87 pro. Since you mentioned below, mind if I ask if you have any guides on how to flash asus bios, so I can use it for hackintosh setup? what are the tools I need for that?
  3. ColonelPanicGold

    ASUS Z87 - Pro Hackintosh?

    I'm getting a new gaming rig next week, which I plan to dual boot with OSX, as i use OSX for work. I know this board seems new, but just wondering if there is a chance that this can support mountain lion. What do you think guys?
  4. ColonelPanicGold

    OS X 10.8.4 Update

    As I have yet to build my hackintosh, I'm curious about how these updates go. Do I have to install each upgrade combo in order? or can I just install the latest one? I assume that if I have to install each one, It will be in some sort of order, right?
  5. ColonelPanicGold

    Time Machine Backup and Recovery on a CustoMac

    Oh, I am so happy to see this. I plan to do a migration from my macbook to my new rig
  6. ColonelPanicGold

    Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide January 2013

    I am interested in building this PRO setup, as I am planning to run on dual boot, with Windows for Starcraft 2 only. However, I cannot gate that specific mother here in Singapore. Will the GIGABYTE Z77-D3H work for the pro socket 11 setup here? Another thing is the video card. I'm planning to...