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  1. animalflynn

    Apple Announces "3rd Transition" for macOS: From Intel CPUs to Apple Silicon

    MHz? Performance per watt or single-core speeds are the least of my concerns. I only care about multicore performance and how fast it runs Metal. I run an overclocked 14 core CPU on water with a Vega Frontier Air in my desktop system. It's connected to a 1150w UPS because it throws the breaker...
  2. animalflynn

    Apple Announces "3rd Transition" for macOS: From Intel CPUs to Apple Silicon

    I'll believe it when I see it. When they touted the performance per watt aspect without any real numbers - like they almost always have - I got really wary. The Bionic a12z is fast but it ain't that fast. My 6-year-old Intel-based MacBook Pro has a very similar speed to the a12z with faster...
  3. animalflynn

    Apple Announces "3rd Transition" for macOS: From Intel CPUs to Apple Silicon

    I highly doubt it, but let's see. Apple only makes one ARM/Bionic chip at a time, don't they? I think they had a graphic that showed they've released one ARM chip every year since 2010. Unless they scale up production to where you have options on how powerful the ARM chip is the Mac Pro is...
  4. animalflynn

    Apple Announces "3rd Transition" for macOS: From Intel CPUs to Apple Silicon

    It can happen. But when? I am pretty sure they developed both machines at the same time. ARM and the new Mac Pro. That had to happen for a reason. They did not develop both machines in a vacuum. They were created at the same company so there must be a strategy there. I don’t think they would...
  5. animalflynn

    Apple Announces "3rd Transition" for macOS: From Intel CPUs to Apple Silicon

    Correct me if I am wrong but they never mention ARM going into a pro machine. MacbBook Pro 13" first, then the new 24" iMac (and of course the dev machine). Current ARM tech is nowhere close to what Intel is doing with Xeon CPUs. I am assuming based on this that the Mac Pro will be around...
  6. animalflynn

    Random freezing for only about 5 seconds.

    This is happening to me also. Since Sierra install. Thinking of going back to Yosemite...
  7. animalflynn

    Void's G5 Mk. II - Project: G5-S.H.I.E.L.D

    This looks fantastic! I wish I had the patience to do one of these G5 mods.
  8. animalflynn

    [SUCCESS] PhillyKing's Mac Daddy Pro Build > Gigabyte Z97N-WIFI > HD4600 > Yosemite 10.10.5 (Clover

    $130 for that case??? It seems wayyyy overpriced for something that cannot support a full size GFX card. Looks nice though.
  9. animalflynn

    Custom SSD Icons

    Cool icons, thanks!
  10. animalflynn

    Guide: Update OS X Mavericks to OS X Yosemite Using UniBeast and MultiBeast

    This guide worked for me 100%. I had some issues, but nothing out of the ordinary when doing a major OS upgrade. I was able to get my machine up and running within a half hour after loading Yosemite. Thanks again tonymac team!
  11. animalflynn

    GA-Z87X-UD7 TH available mid September

    Thanks for posting this! My new dream board!! Droooollllll..... I have been waiting for a tunderbolt mb that has multiple pci 16x and 8x lanes. Having tb on the motherboard is wayyyyyyyy cheaper than buying a dedicated SAS card for RAID purposes.
  12. animalflynn

    Do You Game on Your Hackintosh?

    Metro 2033 Dirt 3 GTA 4 Mass Effect 2 Bunch of Sega Genesis games Warframe and some more I can't think of Running in Windows 7 using dual boot method. Just got a windows wireless receiver for xbox controller and a couple of xbox controllers to replace my recently broken ps3 for my...
  13. animalflynn

    Dual Xeon Z9PE - 16 core - Triple 7970 X-Fire + Nvidia Quadro FX W00T!!!!

    "I almost **** myself, whilst simultaneously crying and barking" bhahaaaha nice. I am interested to hear how this performs with 4K video and exactly which formats you are working with (sony raw, r3d, phantom, DPX). I have been getting pretty good performance editing 4K r3d in premiere on...
  14. animalflynn

    2013 Mac Pro Announced at WWDC

    I noticed that too! He did not look happy. If the Woz is skeptic that cannot be good at all. Screw whatever I may think, that guy is a true genius. Overall I think the new design is awesome and a step forward, but I still don't like it. If anything it will force other companies to try...
  15. animalflynn

    OS X 10.8.3 Update

    Article: OS X 10.8.3 Update DL'd combo update and everything is fine! i72600K, Z68XP UD5, and Dual GTX 570's! Had to MB the audio (non DSDT, ALC889) back into working order but that went smoothly first try. CUDA was updated before switch from 10.8.2 to 10.8.3.
  16. animalflynn

    Chimera 1.9 - Dual/Triple NVIDIA GeForce with Stock DSDT!

    Dual GTX 570's.... MSI Twin Frozr II & III are working OOB! just plugged the second one in the x8 slot on my m/b gave it power and BOOM! HAHAhaHAA!! Merry Christmas to me!! Thanks so much Tony you wouldn't believe how happy this makes me! And to think I had the other card sitting in my kitchen...
  17. animalflynn

    Test Gigabyte Z68XP UD5 UFEI BIOS

    Any luck with this?
  18. animalflynn

    How to enable 5.1-channel analogue audio in OS X

    I tried this and it seemed to have worked... The 5.1 device appears in sys prefs but now all of my sound outputs/inputs don't work. Everything is greyed out. Also, every time I try and open Audio MIDI Setup it crashes! but whyyyy? :( Pretty sure I can fix but I am interested if anyone else is...
  19. animalflynn

    Is your Hackintosh stable??

    Over the past 3 years I have built 5 machines, all stable. One ran for 17 months, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any issues. A clumsy moving man damaged the M/B somehow when we were switching studios. Otherwise the machine would still be fine I imagine.