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  1. tstorm2002

    G4 Quicksilver mod: QuickSmith

    For the full rundown, follow the imgur link. Otherwise, here's QuickSmith, my future file server. Hard drives came, now it's time to configure! Sorry, not running OSX, going FreeNAS.
  2. tstorm2002

    Gigabyte 770 GTX 4GB Fully working

    Just wanted to post confirmation that 770 GTX 4GB works. I have 4 monitors attached using both DVI's, HDMI, and a DVI connected to a display port adapter. Cuda, QE/CI, Open GL works. Only thing I noticed was in after effects, it listed the memory for openGL at 2GB. Cuda had it listed at...
  3. tstorm2002

    [SOLVED] Chimera 1.5.4- Facetime still not working

    Updated, confirmed running latest chimera. Facetime still gives me "the server encountered and error processing registration. Please try again later" Soooo, any thoughts? Running latest Lion 10.7.1
  4. tstorm2002

    Dual cards 460gtx-9800gt

    OK, so my hardware is listed on the side here. I have the 460gtx plugged into pci slot 1 and the 9800gt plugged into the bottom slot (4). Before 10.6.5 I was running the 9800gt with nvenabler with the 460 unplugged. After the update my 460 works but not my 9800. Deleted nvenabler and...