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  1. angydangy

    MDD full ATX (another one

    experimenting at the moment this is not the first time this case has been modded and will not be the last
  2. angydangy

    bit of reassurance needed

    lads i would really like a bit of reassurance concerning security . i know that whatever you install is ultimately down to your own discretion and i am usually very carefull. I get slightly paranoid when it comes to online security . it's not like i have the missing NSA* files on my hard...
  3. angydangy

    Z77-DS3H / pentium g620 / 9600gt . 10.9.2 BIOS f11

    i got very close to almost asking for help after 5 solid days of failing to install it seems my only problem i had was CASE SENSATIVE boot flags ? 5 days of error for just not knowing that the boot flag i needed was case sensative. Anyway its all up and working so far so good . working...
  4. angydangy

    installed from 775 swapped to 1155

    installed SL 10.6.3 in the following machine then swapped the hardrive to another rig installed using normal procedure (iboot normal ,genuine SL disk ) skipped installing DSDT FILE ect . then removed HDD from .. p35 ds3p socket 775 9600 gt 1gb (low energy consumption version) 2gig ddr2...
  5. angydangy

    basic budget machine stable 45£ SL 10.6.8

    hello all . this was my first hackintosh and it went very well . ga p35 ds3p - 12£ basic atx 500w psu 12£ 9600gt 1gb 10£ 2gb ddr2 value ram 8£ old 80gb IDE HDD 3£ legitimate ls install disk was used via a ide dvd drive from a old g4 on the same feed as the hdd. tonymac snow...