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  1. darkmacintosh79

    facetime video too dark in Monterey

    Is anyone having video problems using factime after upgrading to Monterey? For me the image is too dark, even in a bright room with windows open. Did not have this problem before Monterey.
  2. darkmacintosh79

    Opencore 0.7.5 / GA-Z270X-UD5 / Fenvi T919 / RX 570

    If any one using this mobo with a Fenvi T919 and RX 570 GPU, this is for you! It is build to use as an headless mode, where the igpu is used for video processing. See zip file containing the EFI (You must change the Serial number in the config.plist)
  3. darkmacintosh79

    opencore Big Sur load stuck

    I am trying to build a opencore confilg.plist and it keeps locking up during the boot process. Can someone take a look at my attached log error and config.plist file?
  4. darkmacintosh79

    OC EFI for GA-Z270x-UD5

    Can someone send me a copy of their OC efi for Z270x-ud5 board? I've been trying to create one from the ground up but can't seem to boot off it. I have attached a copy of my EFI.