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  1. boynep

    Still waiting for Root Device after installation of Mavericks

    Hello Everyone, Trying to upgrade my ML build to Mavericks. I can get to installation fine and after successful instalation(on the same ML disk). I get on verbose screen still waiting for root device and it repeats. Here is what I have tried so far. 1) -v GraphicsEnabler=No...
  2. boynep

    Installed Backtracked now can't find Chimera to boot.

    Hello everyone, I have two 128GB ssd's and one HD. I am using one SSD for OSX; One for storing my virtual machines. And the 500GB HD I was using for backup. However, I wanted to test something on Backtrack(Variant of Ubuntu) and VM wasn't doing the job for me as I only have internal wifi...
  3. boynep

    Asus X79 Sabertooth Sleep if solved post it here. :-)

    Hello everyone, I know lga2011 power management is not supported yet. I am creating this thread so anyone who got their sleep working lets post it here so we all can access. Cheers, boynep
  4. boynep

    Rock Solid On Asus Sabertooth X79(except sleep)

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to let you know ML is running smoothly on Asus Sabertooth X79. No sleep though. Will have to wait until Apple releases new product with lga2011 support. I had to follow Colton328's guide...