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  1. dasjke

    How to Fix iMessage

    Hi! Did anyone tried to use smbios and another IDs from real macs? I have a MBA and installed new hackintosh, can I use IDs from MBA? Thanks. :)
  2. dasjke

    Constant freezes after 10.9.3

    I have a same problem. :) I now have a fresh installed 10.9.3, but still have hangs sometimes.
  3. dasjke

    10.9.3 attempting to install getting kernel panic

    Try GraphicsEnabler=No. :) Btw, same problem with kernel panic. After deleting AppleACPIPlatform.kext it works, but I have randomly hangs on installation process, and I think it will be after installation too. Hangs like that I also had after upgrading from 10.9.2 to 10.9.3. Looks like we...
  4. dasjke

    OS X 10.9.3 Update

    Oops, I have a kernel panic after this upgrade. :)
  5. dasjke

    OSX 10.9.1- is it full OS or update only?

    If you already have 10.9 installed, you can update to 10.9.1. Actually, in the App Store only 10.9.1 right now, you can use it to fresh install.
  6. dasjke

    Update Your Mavericks App to 10.9.1

    Thank you. I'd forgotten.
  7. dasjke

    10.9 Bluetooth CSR BC4

    That works, thank you. But I have a problem: after reboot all devices must be paired again. This is especially difficult when the keyboard is apple bluetooth. I will try to buy Broadcom-based dongle and test it.
  8. dasjke

    Mavericks stops responding at all

    I've just installed sad and external graphics and problem has gone. That is not interesting, really :(
  9. dasjke

    Diagnose system hang / freeze?

    Hi! Look like you have the same problem: Mavericks stops responding at all I'll try downgrade to 10.8.
  10. dasjke

    Mavericks stops responding at all

    Hello everyone. Dear administrators, thanks for that resource. That really helpful. I tried to build budget Mac OS solution for home. I used that list for choosing hardware. Now my build is GA-Z87-HD3 and i3-4330...