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  1. aharshac

    Help! Failed switching from working FakeSMC to VirtualSMC on Asus ROG FX553VE.

    I tried to move from a working FakeSMC install to VirtualSMC by replacing driver and kexts in Clover on HDD EFI boot partition. That didn't work out well and now I'm stuck with busy timeout, (60s): `AppleACPICPU` So I'm booting with the bootable USB media with Clover created during...
  2. aharshac

    Asus ROG FX553VE issues

    @Feartech I'm using FakeSMC while that uses VirtualSMC. How do I know what FakeSMC dependents I have to replace to switch to VirtualSMC? Many thanks.
  3. aharshac

    Asus ROG FX553VE issues

    Hi. I'm requesting help to fix keyboard backlight, Fn keys and sleep issues on my Asus ROG FX553VE-DM318T laptop. Specifications Intel i7-7700HQ 39.62cm(15.6) (16:9) LED backlit FHD (1920x1080) 60Hz 1 TB HDD M.2 NVMe SSD slot - no SSD provided, not upgraded 2x8GB RAM - stock 8GB Intel HD630...