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  1. wladdych

    monterey - how to disable monitor sleep mode completely

    Hi! Monterey 12.1, in energy saver "turn display off after" = "never" But mac os continues to turn off display few minutes later after screen saver start (or then i selecting "sleep" from menu). Monitor wake up takes long (near 30 seconds - i have few monitors) - so i want to disable this...
  2. wladdych

    IO performance tuning

    Hi Is anyone have any experience with os x io stack tuning ? I have two block devices - HGST 3.2tb NVME + Areca 1883i (raid0 array with 4 sas drives) HGST must have read speed near 3.5gb/s Areca - near 4.5gb/s But - my read speed is limited to 2.5gb/s (both hgst and areca have the same read...
  3. wladdych

    Anyone have luck with Samsung PM1725a NVME SSD?

    Hi! Anyone have luck with Samsung PM1725a NVME SSD? I've tried both U.2 and PCI-E versions, kernel simply hangs during boot. I've tried to reformat it with different sector sizes, but no luck. OS: Mojave 10.4.3 Hardware: Asus X299 Deluxe
  4. wladdych

    Intel P3700 2tb NVME SSD + Mojave = Slow read speed

    Hi I've installed Intel P3700 2tb NVME card into x299-based hackintosh (mojave 10.14.2). It's detected without any actions from my side. I've benchmarked it with blackmagic and got 800mb/s READ and 1500mb/s WRITE speed. Next i've booted into windows 10 and benchmarked it here. Results -...