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  1. Shelby

    Clean Lion Install No Sleep & Other Minor Issues

    I've done a fresh install using Unibeast and a USB Drive, by far the easiest and quickest install I've ever done. The install included the DSDT from the database and Multibeast. I did the fresh install because I upgraded my SSD Drive to a Crucial M4 I'm having some trouble getting my computer...
  2. Shelby

    Cmos Checksum Error - After Lion Install

    So after installing Lion I got this error on a number of boots, after I select "Last Known Good Configuration" it starts up fine. It seems to only throw this error when I change something on my system such as installing the LegacyHDARollback Kext or changing my boot volume's name. Is this...
  3. Shelby

    Facetime Error?

    Everytime I try to use Facetime I get this error: Does anyone have a fix? I've read that some certificate is bad and needs to be deleted but I don't have that particular certificate. Thanks, Shelby
  4. Shelby

    Boot Drive Hidden In Finder - Solution?

    After loading Lion my boot drive is hidden in finder, does anyone have a solution for this? Also how do you change the name of your boot drive from "Snow Leopard" to "Lion". Thanks, Shelby
  5. Shelby

    Ram Issues

    So I have my Hackintosh up and running and decided to start the testing Notshy recommends. As soon as I started Memtest86+ I got some errors. I didn't let it finish but instead turned off the computer and tested each stick by itself following this guide...
  6. Shelby

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thanks for all the advice and great community!!!
  7. Shelby

    Monitor Selection HP 2210M or Asus ML238H

    Hey guys I need a little more advice on my monitor purchase. I've narrowed my search down between these two monitors: Asus ML238H ... 502&sr=1-2 HP 2210M ... =de_a_smtd I've physically looked at the HP and it's...
  8. Shelby

    Do I need a new SL Disc?

    I have Snow Leopard from when it first came out do I need an updated disc to go through the install? It's Version 10.6 Thanks
  9. Shelby

    Budget i7 Build

    Hello everyone and a special thanks to Tonymac, Macman, and lnx2mac for your countless hours and dedication to this forum as well as everyone else involved. I'm new to building a computer from scratch but figured building a new hackintosh would be a great way to get my feet wet. I've been...