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  1. wyrkan

    Gtx 1060 6gb ddr5x not working

    Hi, i have tried everything i found on internet, but i cant make my grsphics card works. Is It because Its a ddr5x card ??? I have tried high Sierra and and sierra 10.13.6 and 10.12.6 Forced drivers, and all kind of things i have been researching, Before de upgrqde i had an HD 7970 saphire 3gb...
  2. wyrkan

    Mac Pro 5.1 mod

    My Mac Pro 5.1 mod I have used a Mac Pro a1289 case, I7 5820k ASUs x99 deluxe Sapphire hd7970 3gb 24gb ram ddr4 5 tb HDds 7200rpm And 2 ssd Kingston Water cooling with 2 fans I have done it with minimum cutting and with my 3D printer, y create some pieces like i/o shield and stand for...
  3. wyrkan

    front panel wiring mac pro 5,1 (44 pin)

    does any one know how to conect all 44 pin to make an atx work?? i dont know how to find about firewires conexions, i have tested and i have mini jacks and usb ready, also power button, but how can i conect both firewires???? this one is the board i have thanks everybody
  4. wyrkan

    X99 deluxe 1 5820k

    I have been trying installing Sierra with the medium guide for deluxe 2 And other like x99a I have downloaded kext and config.plist from all sites I have found, tried with efi folders compiled too, but there is no way to get to installer window, Dont know if is my clover configuration options...