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  1. lironda1

    Dell Optiplex 3080 SFF - Monterey

    HELP ME ! i wanna cry :| I had Big Sur on my computer and everything was working fine, yesterday i don't know why but i thought i could update to Monterey and it should work with no issues after doing some research, however now i'm having issues with loading the OS, at first it seemed like the...
  2. lironda1

    Big Sur on Optiplex 3080 Micro

    Hey guys! I'm trying to install Big Sur on my new Optiplex 3080 mini, i was able to find a post here with same specs and the guy posted the EFI folder, i used it and was able get more then half way of the installation process but then the monitor turns black and going to sleep and i cant do...
  3. lironda1

    Dell Optiplex 3080 mini Big Sur

    Hey guys, I hope this is the right place to ask this and that you could help me! I had my old Optiplex 3020 working perfectly with Catalina but I needed a stronger computer and i just bought Optiplex 3080 mini , I would like to install Big Sur on the new one and looked into the new posts and...
  4. lironda1

    Catalina on Dell Optiplex 3020

    Hey Guys, I'm sorry if this is not the right place to post this but i really need some help with my Dell 3020, I had high sierra running with no issues and i decided to be "smart" and updated the OS to Catalina and now i'm stuck the system can't load. Can someone please help me, please???