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  1. HackintoshMan

    Post Your Network Speeds - Download/Upload

    Not too bad for college internet. I will miss this when I go home for the summer in a few weeks.
  2. HackintoshMan

    Can't OC my 3970X on RIVE

    Get a program to check your actual CPU clock. My About this mac still shows 3.5 GH/z, but iStats shows 4.2 GH/z under load...
  3. HackintoshMan

    Next stage after acquiring parts?

    I don't know if you are interested, but I made a thread with a video I had found regarding how thermal paste is being spread. If you haven't already applied your thermal paste, I suggest you check this out...
  4. HackintoshMan

    Microsoft to Release Windows 10 on July 29

    I wonder if they will allow the Technical Preview users to get a free copy... because no version of windows is worth more than 40 dollars in my opinion.
  5. HackintoshMan

    Interesting video about thermal compound spreading

    If your CPU is running hot or it is too loud, then yes, you should look into another cooler. The main reason why people get a different one is for silence and performance. When you have a bigger heat sink you can run your fans at a slower speed, which reduces noise.
  6. HackintoshMan

    G5 to ATX conversion, simple minimal cutting

    Please post more pictures!! I am very interested to see how you accomplished this with the back of the case.
  7. HackintoshMan

    Asus VS247H-P monitor

    Most likely that is all you need. Just stay away from VGA output. I am currently running DVI on my main monitor and a DVI to VGA on an older secondary monitor.
  8. HackintoshMan


    I have just started Folding@Home and I am looking for a team to join. I would love to join or create a tonymacx86 team if we got permission.
  9. HackintoshMan

    GTX 970 no longer recognized

    UPDATE: I fixed it by resetting the BIOS and loading the Optimized defaults. I am not sure what was wrong because none of the settings changed from what I had set.
  10. HackintoshMan

    GTX 970 no longer recognized

    Yeah I did remember to install them. Even if I didn't install the drivers, I should still be able to use the card in Windows right?
  11. HackintoshMan

    GTX 970 no longer recognized

    I had a working Yosemite installation with my GTX 970, and then I decided to switch to clover. I removed the card for the installation and installed Yosemite again. I realized that I just wanted a working build and not something that I had to mess with right now, so I re-installed Yosemite with...
  12. HackintoshMan

    Yosemite can't find System/Library/Kernels/kernel error

    Hello, I have searched around and I have not found a solution to this issue. When I boot up my Yosemite partition I get a can't find System/Library/Kernels/kernel error. If I boot the installer, sometimes it will go to the installer and sometimes it will boot into my Yosemite Partition. Im not...
  13. HackintoshMan

    BitterMelon's "Chip" build: GA-Z77N-WIFI - i5-3570K - HD 6870

    I have been following your build thread because I have similar components. I have also upgraded to Yosemite, however I am unable to get my audio working. I have run Multibeast 7.0.0 and I used ALC892 audio. No output devices are being shown and I am just wondering what you may have done...
  14. HackintoshMan

    Interesting video about thermal compound spreading

    I found this very clever video a while back and I though it might be useful here...
  15. HackintoshMan

    Will this be adequate?

    Thanks for the reply! I have already seen some prices and I think I know what I'm getting into :lol:. When the new hardware becomes usable in the spring, I will upgrade to the new platform. However, I will probably wait to go for the custom loop until around summertime. That will give my wallet...
  16. HackintoshMan

    Will this be adequate?

    I am going to be doing a major overhaul on my mackintosh when the new Nvidia GPU's are released as well as when the new processors are released. With that being said, I would like to do a custom water-cooling loop for both the processor and GPU. I will be choosing the i7 and I would like to over...
  17. HackintoshMan

    My First G5 Mod Without Cutting The Rear Panel

    Do you think you could take some more pictures of how you did the rear I/O please? I am very interested to see how you did that.:think:
  18. HackintoshMan

    2013 Mac Pro - My variation

    Is your system loud? I am considering getting the power supply that you are using and I am concerned about the noise.
  19. HackintoshMan

    PowerMac Reloaded | A Gift for My Girlfriend | Over 100 Pics in Page 1 | Alert

    Did she end up liking it? I would if I was a girl:lol:
  20. HackintoshMan

    Mac Pro Rear IO Mod Idea

    Yeah that won't work for me because I want it to look like a real Mac Pro and I don't have the capablities to anodize something:lol: