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  1. Jamesathemac

    Kernel panic

    below is a screenshot unable to reach installer using fix headers and dropped ati amd oem dsst g4560 and rx460 z270f ASUS mobo
  2. Jamesathemac

    How do I fix gfx

    Installed MacOS high Sierra though the graphics are really bad how do I fix them they look like this grey and system performance is slow how do I make the dock transparent
  3. Jamesathemac

    Mach reboot again

    so I got a new ASUs motherboard z270f With my pentium g4560 rx460 and ssd now I can’t into the high sierra installer at all also clover takes ages to load any help I’d be grateful any config plist or efi folder thanks for tips for clover
  4. Jamesathemac

    [Solved] MACH REBOOT

    tried dropping dmar and bgrt no dice upgrade from high sierra
  5. Jamesathemac

    Kernel panic

    I’m trying to upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra and are getting theses kernel pancisbm
  6. Jamesathemac

    Bootflag to disable Apple alc

    Help I need to disable Apple alc because otherwise kernel panic need bootflag please
  7. Jamesathemac

    I’m facing this issue

    help I have all the kexts but no boot
  8. Jamesathemac

    I’m faced with an issue

    I’m getting this issue anytime I try boot any help is great b250ma ASUS rx 460 gigabyte g460intel I have the right Kexts help