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  1. Banichi

    HP Thunderbolt 2 PCIe card?

    Also I just noticed this thread
  2. Banichi

    HP Thunderbolt 2 PCIe card?

    So I think that I'll be abandoning the HP card. Asus now has a thunderbolt 2 card that actually has 2 t-bolt ports as well. At the moment it looks like it's only compatible with specific asus boards that have a thunderbolt header on the board. But that's not all bad. I'm looking at the asus...
  3. Banichi

    HP Thunderbolt 2 PCIe card?

    That's good to here. I'm curious where your information came from. The documentation for the card at that HP site got so specific about installation in the workstations as to say that it had to be in the 3rd PCIe slot. This leads me to think that there might be some very specific firmware/bios...
  4. Banichi

    SAS Ports with Gigabyte

    I have not personally but if it helps at all I was recently on a job where a buddy of mine ran one of the Atto cards in his magma t-bolt box for the dual drive codex reader. This was used in conjunction with the new mac pro. the atto cards are here...
  5. Banichi

    HP Thunderbolt 2 PCIe card?

    So just renewing my research about thunderbolt on socket 2011. I know that there are several hurdles in the way of us seeing PC hardware with socket 2011 and thunderbolt of any kind including the lack of thunderbolt proliferation in the market. So I was looking at other ways and I am familiar...
  6. Banichi

    First-ish hackintosh, looking for some clarification

    So I had been under the impression that going with any board other than gigabyte wasn't really worth the hassle. I believe this is/was due to compatibility of the bios/UEFIBios. I heard mentioned recently that ASUS boards are now pretty much just as easy. I just helped a friend with a build...
  7. Banichi

    Mac Pro x79 and Thunderbolt?

    I work in the film industry and I'd like thunderbolt on a lga2011 board for a couple of reasons: 1) I would like a board small enough that I can build it in to a portable case (pelican). 2) That means that I likely will only have about 4 full size PCIe slots and if I want to be transcoding...