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  1. milezteg

    Gigabyte z390m gaming, gc titan ridge added, now system won't boot/reinstall, slashed circle

    Wanting to setup the Titan on the same board...were you able to get it working AliAdapter? What was the issue?
  2. milezteg

    Anyone tried RX 5700 (XT) with latest public beta?

    Guys this is is simply fantastic news! I work in video editing. Please, please, can anyone confirm how it works with the Adobe Suite specifically Premiere CC. Or maybe Final Cut Pro? Very curious if the GPU is used properly when encoding 4k video etc. Thanks in advance =]
  3. milezteg

    Premiere Pro makes the computer crash

    Did this solve your problem? I have the same issue!
  4. milezteg

    Memory display 1777 instead of 1866

    Wow thank a lot @AGuyWhoIsBored !!! Does anyone know if this is a simply a cosmetic thing or will it possibly help with some kernel panics I have been getting that seem memory related? ie: page faults
  5. milezteg

    [SUCCESS] Yosemite on GA-Z97X-UD3H / i7-4790K / GTX 960

    Also have the same problem as @energy23. Kingston Fury 1866 ram seems to cause KPs on Z97X-UD3H v1.1. Soooo frustrating.
  6. milezteg

    Installation of Lion from USB using Unibeast hangs

    Exact same problem. Anyone have a solution? Please!