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  1. thenightflyer

    What is a Good Radeon VII Brand to Buy?

    @izo1 What Radeon VII model and brand did you buy? I'm thinking to change my 1080TI and buy an AMD so to upgrade to Mojave but i see different prices between Gigabyte Radeon VII, Asus or Sapphire....what brand do you suggest? Considering the best compatibility too..
  2. thenightflyer

    Sierra installation language

    I know...this can be a stupid question but i'm a newbie so i must still learn.. I set up my installation USB pen for Sierra following the guide posted here by nmano ( I checked config.plist...
  3. thenightflyer

    [SOLVED] Firewire Kexts issues

    Hello to this great community...i've a "problem" after installing some kexts. But i want to start explaining what has happened step by step. I set up a new build with an Asus X99-E-Ws + 5960x+64gb ddr4 and a titanx card. The main purpose of this setup is as audio workstation. I own a firewire...
  4. thenightflyer

    USB 3.0 strange behaviour!

    Hi to all people in this wonderful community. Thanks to Tonymac to exist :thumbup: I set up a build like dingleberry one ( with gigabyte X79s-up5 wifi, i7...
  5. thenightflyer

    Build a customac pro....

    Hello, i'm SERIOUSLY planning to buy all components and to set up a customac pro...i need more speed because i'm a musician and i need fast processor and with strong capabilities to support all my DAW and presets. I'm following carefully guides and built customac here, but i still didnt find any...