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  1. skyline65

    [Guide] HackrNVMeFamily co-existence with IONVMeFamily using class-code spoof

    The Hynix works fine without any patch although I always saw disk alignment errors in Clover boot. The Evo 970 works fine with the patch and no disk alignment errors in boot... and is much quicker. I may sell the Hynix on Ebay or stick in my Supermicro X9 buid. Thanks for the help.
  2. skyline65

    [Guide] HackrNVMeFamily co-existence with IONVMeFamily using class-code spoof

    Is there anyway to get 2 NVMe drives working in 10.12.6? I have a Hynix PC300 which works and am now trying to add an EVO 970. If I boot into 10.13, both drives are available although I don’t want use 10.13 as it breaks Adobe CS6. I have cloned my system hd to the EVO 970 and am using the hacker...
  3. skyline65

    X79 USB 2.0 in El Capitan 10.11

    I managed to use a previously installed 10.11 ssd to boot my Supermicro X9DRL-iF, but none of the USB ports would work. Luckily I had enabled remote desktop so I was able to access the Hackintosh. However whatever I tried I couldn’t get them to work. I managed to edit the DSDT file replacing...
  4. skyline65

    [Success] MSI Z77A-G45 Clover Install

    I have a MSI Z77A-G45 Gaming board... does this bios work with it? I tried putting the bios on a USB stick and MFlash did recognise any bios? Also can you post your bios and Clover config settings so I can double check I havent messed them up.
  5. skyline65

    Final Cut/Photshop Beast

    Final Cut Pro X/Photoshop Beast I’m hopefully going to upgrade from my Q6600 as it is showing its age using FCP/Photoshop/Handbrake etc. I’m looking for it to last 3 years or so before it starts to feel slow. The parts I’m considering are: CPU: Intel BX80619I73930K Core i7-3930K 6-Core...